Top 10 Workout For Female Fitness Models

Top 10 Workout For Female Fitness Models

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My Top 10 Favourite Workout :
– Squats
– Lunges
– Single Arm Row
– Kickback Extension
– Pulldown
– Bench Press
– Preacher Curl
– Seated Cable Row
– Pullups
– Abs Crunch



Maida Dutcher says:

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Ronnie Martinez says:

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Ms Visio says:

3:52 I wish I could lick that sexy girl after her work out!

loway osso says:

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Ramiro Bracamontes says:

Perfect body..

Harrison Stone says:

Who is the girl at 0:40?

Nafiganado says:

So many tattooed. They think this way they look tougher.

christian ortiz-signorelli says:

one big mistake..kick back extension???  that was not kick back extension….wow!!!

Tesseract says:

:p my god.. 

Rick Dangerous says:

10lb one arm row… = you don't even lift

2:00 – I think that might even be an 8lb er… OMG.. ya don't lift.

4:09 – 1 plate??? wa????????????????? you most certainly don't lift.

Dashunya Ober says:

The name of song?please)

Mathias Hansen says:

Girl name 5:39 ??

Big Bones says:

Who else came for the hot chicks

condo trainer says:

Aree you serious !! You had me up til the crack. That's the butt crack. unbelievable. Ladies don't ruin a good video with butt crack. That's just sad.

Sonne Paradox says:

I couldn't find second song 🙁 what is its lyrics, because I would write lyrics in google and I would find all song.

DA BqM says:

0:48 nice chairs


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Yousef Joseph says:

Are those the weird centour women who BroScienceLife talked about in his video?

Matias Péres says:

lo bueno de ir a un gimnasio de pobre es que no van estas minas que se parten. como mierda haces para concentrarte con esos camiones, deja

danthemanzizle says:

1:30 5lbs? looks like the beginning of some cheesy porno.

Laera says:

What's the name of the first song?

Active Bryant Systems says:

grate body 

basegta says:

1:22 ? name girl 

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Unorthdox Cleric says:

Fuck me I'm blind now.

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