Top 10 Hottest ★ Fitness Girls

Top 10 Hottest ★ Fitness Girls

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Very subjective list of Top 10 Hottest ★ Fitness Girls, in form of mashup.
It took me a while to complete this, there is soooo many beautiful women in great shape! I choosed these 10, because they are both hot and fit, and not to much muscular, which is not atractive to me. They represent different body types I can't say I have preferences, I'm not attached to the order either. As in most of my works you can find here elements of motivational video, workout routines, humor, and tons of music. I hope you like it. Enjoy!



Mike McCown says:

Damn #10 Amanda or Mandy Rose. I flat out love that woman. I could watch her all day and night in WWE or just in any video. She is so damn sexy and her ass is and has always been insane.

silly boy mike leny says:

The songs were so bad

silly boy mike leny says:

If you watch it with out sounds it's more better 😊😊😊

Vinmango B says:

in 720p…. bah lol.

Nikki black says:

These girls love themselves so much and their own bodies they can never ever love anybody else or have a family and children sad sad sad😢

Marcel Mais says:

6:34, you're welcome buddy!

Kung foo Panda says:

Who’s the girl with glasses in the thumbnail

its P.Y.N says:

No. 7 is the best Stephanie davis
Okay i change mh mind its No. 6 katya elise henry okay i change my mind again its no.7 🤔🤔🤔

Gabriel Carrasco says:

Sexy female body builder

Lacheheb Riad says:

Sophia 😍😍😍

מרים פריאנטה says:

someone knows what they call a song the minute of the 5:15

Jackjude says:

13:00 way too skinny to be a "fitness" girl

asdrubael vect says:

I've never see so many roman deadlifts

Majid Awami says:

One like=lots of sorry to god

UN KNOWN person says:

My fav is no. 3

UN KNOWN person says:

9 no. Is awesome

Igor Bobobo says:

0:00 Straight from the getgo a sholder impingement exercise.

Justin Stickler says:

"Competition!" Sorry for the grammatical error my sweet vaingels! Pretty ribbons and strings make me lose my mind! Squat on!!!

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