Too Big For The World (Feminine Bodybuilding Documentary)

Too Big For The World (Feminine Bodybuilding Documentary)

Some clips from one in every of my movies are being featured on this documentary about feminine bodybuilding referred to as Too Big for the World.
This is a hyperlink to their YouTube Trailer:
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pingufromindia says:

Women bodybuilders abuse steroids much more than their male counterparts

nopochki says:

Look … if a guy entered a b3auty pagent and looked really feminine … would yoy find that attractive ?

Kaitlyn G says:

Men got pregnant abs and they not doing shit to them.

Gottah Powah says:

Ok, I reckon you're expecting someone to let you know …
You do have some pretty decent gains; nice biceps! … there, I said it👍

MightyForSure says:

There "shouldn't be a stage for anything. There will be a stage for what people want and what can be profitable. Can't force supply without demand. Now I donnu if there's a big enough demand, I'm just saying

ventende says:

It's not like female BB is forbidden, it's just not endorsed anymore. And the audience don't want it, if they did the organizations would pick it up. Their all about the money.

thevernonposse says:

Dlb and Ariella polumbo are pretty hot

Jeff Darnell says:

Women aren't made to look like that Nick..

Scotty Davenport says:

That film looks really stupid they don't need answers no one wants to see women's bodybuilding end of story if you still want to do it do it but no one wants to go watch it

David Mendoza says:

How about this. No one gets to take steroids and let the chips fall where they may. lol

77magicbus says:

Woman look even worse than the men when they take steroids. The steroids got to go out of the sport.

Hawk Who Knows All says:

You cannot Call for EQUALITY After You have BULKED into MEN like BODY………..

bobslap00 says:

Nick – huuuge difference when a woman is taking male hormones and looking like a fkn she beast with deep voice and manly lookin fAce especially precontest and wanting to seem acceptable to general public is fkn ridiculous like Bruce Jenner gettin tits and winning woman of the year lol –

The Wellness Channel says:

I support female bodybuilding

Don says:

boi how you get them big biceps no homo

Valter Fox says:

Deffo not aesthetic, but I agree that they should retain female bb contests. But at the end of the day, sadly it's all about the money and profits. Tits and lack of striations sells better than a woman whose biceps alone dwarf your legs.

Mason Smith says:

Would still smash 😎

Tom Jones says:

It's not sexist bro, its called physiology. When women inject test levels that some dude in their 20's would kill for you have a problem…..

vik56in says:

The female bodybuilding is going in the right direction towards aesthetics , symmetry and more natural. The men's bodybuilding is going in the wrong direction, towards roid monsters and bubble gut.

Knightmare says:

if it is sexist to not appreciate female bodybuilders who take male hormones to essentially become men then im sexist

Hog says:

Kai on stage with the one woman. Didn't even have to see the hair just look at the gut.

TubeHax says:

Nobody is buying what they are selling. I don't get in their way but it has no appeal for me and thus no support.

stephen stewart says:

Women's bodybuilding is a freak show because no woman in the world could ever look like that naturally. It's physically impossible. They have made themselves freakish spectacles through their use of steroids.

spic0li says:

8:36 rip Rich Piana

Linkun Liu says:

I mean it's not like I'm against this, but if you HAVE TO put stuff in your veins, I do not think you are doing the right thing. For male and female.

Mike Holmes says:

thank you for great info

Chris Costner says:

Putting male hormones into a female body is not good.

Jermaine J says:

I am personally a fan of it, and it is a shame they killed it. People may say the women don't look attractive however, some guys don't find rail thin women attractive. The sport is about hard work and dedication putting into sculpting the perfect physique.

Jeanna Storm says:

look like dudes in drag…sorry…think they may be dudes in drag, too…sorry.

Steven Stam says:

You lost concentration for a second and your bicep wasn't flexed

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