The Evolution of Female Bodybuilding

The Evolution of Female Bodybuilding

In this video, you can see how female bodybuilding evolved from 1980 to 2014 by looking at Ms Olympia winners within that period. Rachel Mclish was the first Ms Olympia with a bikini-like physique but approximately a decade later the bar was set so high that put the whole contest at risk. The best solution was to cancel the female bodybuilding category (in Olympia contest) and in turn replace it by the women’s physique category.

The 1st Ms Olympia contest was held in 1980.

Rachel McLish, USA (1980, 1982 Ms Olympia).
The youngest winner/ 24 years

Kike Elomaa, Finland (1981 Ms Olympia).
The least heavy winner / 54 kg or 177 lb

Carla Dunlap, USA (1983 Ms Olympia)

Cori Everson, USA (1984 – 1989 Ms Olympia)

Lenda Murrey, USA (1990 – 1995, 2002, 2003 Ms Olympia)

Kim Chizevsky, USA (1996 – 1999 Ms Olympia).
The tallest winner/ 173 cm or 5’ 8’’

Andrulla Blanchette, UK (2000 Ms Olympia).
The lowest winner / 153 cm or 5’ 0’’

Juliet Bergman, Netherlands (2001 Ms Olympia).
The oldest winner / 43 years

Yaxeni Oriquen, Venezuela (2005, Ms Olympia).
The heaviest winner / 73 kg or 161 lb

Iris Kyle, USA (2004, 2006 – 2014 Ms Olympia)

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