T. Monk’s “Epistrophy” Jam by Alicia Marie on Guitar



Jack K says:

There are no words to describe the wonderful playing here. I just purchased your Old Soul cd! I can't wait to sit back, relax and enjoy. Simply amazing! Hope to see you live one day! Let me know if you come to Minnesota ever!

HUTCHfromBA says:

What incredible dexterity. Blues On….

Mike Goodman says:

I'm a huge Monk fan. I love your playing.

Tommy Brendel Jazz Guitar says:

Cool! I Like the outside playing and the Tremolo!

CopalFreak says:

Very nice!
I would love to hear you improv to Monk on the Rickenbackeror sometime ('Cadillac Eldorado Boogie' is still one of my favs!), …or maybe even a Gretsch. (I had a white Gretsch G5422T. I loved the sound, and 'she shore was perdy', but we just didn't jive. (She liked Pink Floyd more than she did B.B. …I like Floyd an' all, but not more than the King.. so she had to go!! hehe))

I don't comment on vids much, but I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this.
Been a fan of Monk since I was a kid. The way you did this, it reminds of when Monk was in Japan with sax-man Charlie Rouse, as opposed to the earlier 40's version. I like both, but glad you commemorated the event with the late 60's version.

So amazing to have watched your playing and style evolve! Thank you so much for sharing with us on YouTube! I look forward to hearing lots more from ya! (and more CDs too!)

skyhawk53 says:

That was a nice job. Relaxing and melodic. I played it twice, to get the full effect.

Paul McCaffrey says:

The faces are the icing on the cake

Thomas Hutchinson says:

You go girl! Awesome!!!

Shreddelicious says:

great playing as ever Alicia Marie

Chris Kennedy says:

Where was the drummer? The bass player?

Michael Shadley says:

Sounds so good, love it…

johngill says:

Wonderful to see your continuing development, lovely playing

sfdog1369 says:

Finger Pickin Good

Shawn Williams says:

Put some Monk on it! Awesome job

Lane Crooks says:

Love that swing!!! God bless 🙏🏻

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