ROCK SOLID PODCAST Fitness & Cosplay Star Alicia Marie On Fitness, Fighting Depression In Covid19

ROCK SOLID PODCAST Fitness & Cosplay Star Alicia Marie On Fitness, Fighting Depression In Covid19

Crystal Fambrini welcomes on dear friend Alicia Marie who is a fitness supermodel, cosplay star, costume designer, and overall power woman and bright light. She is also a cancer survivor and legally death (again POWER WOMAN!). Alicia shares why and how she became depressed for the first time in her life during Covid-19 and what emotional intelligence techniques she used to get her happiness back. She opens up about how and why the gym helps her mental health and she shares some not to be missed motivational tips on how to stay fit and lose the quarantine weight gain. This world fitness leader breaks down how the secret to fitness is about personality and shares the three pronged attack for weight loss. The two also talk about the importance of acceptance, the freedom of being able to “roll with it,” the stages of grief, and the power of accountability.

Alicia's Butt workout on youtube:

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Rock Solid focuses on getting grounded, releasing expectations and manifesting the life you really want. Host Crystal Fambrini is a journalist and producer who in this inspiring series explores how emotional intelligence is the foundation for both personal and professional success. Listen in as she talks with thought leaders, experts, celebrities and fascinating people on overcoming obstacles and owning your personal power. Learn techniques to create a more intelligent way to communicate with integrity and how to break through fear and anxiety to unlock your full potential and thrive.

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