Rock Me Baby by 14 year old Alicia Marie on Guitar



brummbaer50 says:

…since some days I'm hearing your old musicvideos … it is so great, what you did with 14 … AND NOW !!!!! Alicia… go on your way!


"I give you full marks for that".  May God be with you         

bluesbaby8 says:

Thank you, Jean! I'm glad this made you happy on your birthday!

Jean fORGET says:

ITs my Bithday Weekend and we're rockin here here in Ottawa and I jus put this on and I thaNK YOU aLICIA !! rOCK oN dUDETTE !! 😉

bluesbaby8 says:

Many thanks for this great comment!

bluesbaby8 says:

Thank you! I wish you luck!

Amber Pelczynski says:

Wow your so good! I'm 10 years old and I hope I can be good as you!

bluesbaby8 says:

@foggy4180 Thanks so much! Sorry for my late response.

bluesbaby8 says:

@panther5bit Oh, thanks! Sorry for the late reply.

panther5bit says:

feel like dancing to your tune

foggy4180 says:

Great playing babe, I like the way you give a feeling to the song

bluesbaby8 says:

@vannbrittbrittvanful Thanks!

bluesbaby8 says:

@darthesgoobis123 Thanks!

bluesbaby8 says:

@hildaivo Thank you for the nice words.

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