Roberta Zuniga Amazing Transformation | Female Fitness Motivation

Roberta Zuniga Amazing Transformation | Female Fitness Motivation

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Roberta Zuniga Amazing Transformation | Female Fitness Motivation
Roberta Zuniga a fitness model from chile have competed & won many global events in fitness modeling. She very famous for her amazing transformation after her pregnancy. She got a really attractive physique & around 3 million folowers on Instagram. Enjoy the video & make sure to like subcribe & share.

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Roberta Zuniga

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Patrick Card says:

Gotta love some good ole anavar

Ale55andr082 says:

she was better before


Thanks to anavar 💉💊

Heartwork says:

Nice video but music SUCKSSSS

Meketoa1 says:

Mean Transformation. Well done you❤️💙💜👍🏽

Павел Попко says:

He plays sports and there are deposits on his ass

Austin &Tschandra LaMoureaux says:

Badass transformation ! And honestly you looked great before and after ! God bless you!

Imperator232 says:

I prefer the before version.

Jezusmina says:

strong character

Nathan Bellamy says:

Prefer her original body. All that beautiful womanly flesh.

elmer poffenberger says:

I actually thought the before pics were better

comingviking says:

I dunno…. Fitness is good, but a woman is supposed to have some body fat. This one is not very healthy.

Dan Moya says:

Lovely looking lady very determined! But silicone implants are not my thing

Алексей Сорокин says:

а мне она вначале больше нравится

cipriano lopez says:

She looks so hot in her first photos

john smith says:

Damn she looks super good but don't hurt yourself!!! Careful with your joints…

Sgt. Barnes says:

She is indeed, a very determined beautiful woman.

Billy Russell says:

I like the old bikini pics!!!!

Guillermo Melametz says:

Es una gran transformacion aunque no estoy de acuerdo con algunos ejercicios que ejecuta que pueden traer lesiones pero sexy y femenina

Dom Mck says:

liked her better a little chubby than a little mannish, just saying

Mike Romero says:

Congratulations to you. You worked very hard to achieve your goal. You look great.



EL pollo says:

Amazing how her but got big even after loosing all that body fat. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

Alex Uleri says:

Road from female to male : done

Dirty Hawk says:

Booty-full and Bazinga!!!😁😁😋😁

Rey Porras says:

Preciosa hembra sexy sexy

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