RIDA KASHIPOVA – Fitness Mannequin: Gym Training – тренажерный зал @ Russia

RIDA KASHIPOVA – Fitness Mannequin: Gym Training – тренажерный зал @ Russia

cиловые тренировки упражнения и подготовку к гипертрофии и определение мышц по RIDA KASHIPOV. Примеры женских бодибилдинг тренировок для различных групп мышц, таких как грудь, ягодицы, ноги и руки.

Weight coaching workouts and coaching for hypertrophy and muscle definition by RIDA KASHIPOVA. Examples of feminine bodybuilding exercises for numerous muscle teams corresponding to chest, buttocks, legs and arms.

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Fitness Compilation says:

good video bro

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tom8181 says:

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Joseluis Martinez says:

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S.G Abelson says:

What fucking sluts.

Donald Trump says:

1:31 song pls

섹스고수 says:

빵댕이에 그대로꼿고싶다진짜

Anthony Mullen says:

I wonder if she reads books.

Strapped says:

I would eat that ass :d

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7Scythe7 says:

All that training yet her arms look so weak

Ryan says:

This is motivation right?

socratesxv says:

100 Push Ups! 100 Pull-Ups! 100 Sit Ups! 100 Squats! Then a 10 km run EVERY single day! You just gotta do it!

Ales Slatinsky says:

Krasívaja dievočka

Xounari narinari says:

Her physique isn't even impressive like seriously she just knows how to diet but he has no muscle definition or proportions like wtf r these views for?

Bjorn Haugen says:

Hate seeing overworked hip flexors by people thinking they're working their abs… fuckin hell…

andrew wilson says:

Patgetic. No legs, arms or shoulders. Looks like a female version of C3PO… Thinks she is all that and way better than she is. Try lifting some real weights instead of your little pink girly dumbbells. Hate sexist lazy women that think only men should like her.

Mauro Antunes says:

I don´t think women should drop to such low bf %, , RIP to boobs if you do that

Piotruś Scw says:

Abs on girl's body doesn't really look good.

sanakiyamam1987 says:

05:23 butt wink yeah go girl you will have later problems with your hips

Mark Jacob says:

Mmmmmm, Yummy..i.could not keep my mouth of her body

Crazy TurkZ says:

aleyna tilki degilmi lan bu

Panamacoffee Goldreserve says:

I love Russian woman

joey hext says:

honestly her training is mostly BS. Like she clearly puts in work, she has a good diet and she has some muscle, hence she looks good but honestly if she just lifted heavy once she'd look a lot better, she could with maybe a few more kgs of mass if aesthetics is her goal. That's just my opinion ofc everyone has a different idea of what looks good.

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