Rapper Identifies as Female to Break Female Deadlift Record?? Roelly Winklaar Fixing his Midsection

Rapper Identifies as Female to Break Female Deadlift Record?? Roelly Winklaar Fixing his Midsection

#Powerlifting #RoellyWinklaar #Bodybuilding
Rapper Identifies as Female to Break Deadlift Record- 0:08
Roelly Winklaar Midsection- 4:47
Arnold's Son's Biceps- 9:12
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Shen Way says:

Need more of this happening to wake people the Fuck up man. If transgender want to compete, then they can compete against one another.

Dreaklock says:

I identify as a pony.

Revanxxx1 says:

Bullshit Nick Miller he had a GUT !!! You've become accustomed to buff fat guys winning bodybuilding titles. That time is OVER!!! Winkler 2018 Olympia is his standard, so now he must go beyond that.

Apollo Sun says:

I'm going to try this next week. Then after that, change my gender for a few hours to an Apache attack helicopter, then maybe change it to an aardvark gender or a giraffe gender since giraffes have those cool long necks

WE are the remnants of the Huwhite Apocalypse says:

See men are better at everything. Even being whamen

Erik Boyd says:

As a major advocate of feminist and LGBTQ+ causes, as well as a nationally ranked weightlifter, I really am disappointed by the feminist/LGBTQ+ communities for not seeing the obvious problems with their cause on this one, and I’m also disappointed in USA Weightlifting (which I’m an elected official of) who has allowed transgender competitors to win major competitions in the past. In any other subject I’m 100% behind that cause, but I can’t imagine how a female from birth, who worked her ass off to win at a national or international level only to be beat by a transgender woman who has been taking female hormones for 5 years but went through male puberty, feels I that scenario.

BillyN31 says:

Go figure….news outlets spinning the news….🤯

Iron man says:

I love that Zuby smashed the women's record. It shows how ridiculous this "conversation" is that there's no differences in the genders.

robizzlor says:

Not bad for a women.

Duggerdean says:

If you ain’t changing genders are you even trying

Sandy Collora says:

"You know you guys wanna see that Arnold front double bicep again…" Hell yeah.

gm300 0 says:

Who tf thinks that males and females aren’t physically different?

Judgementxxx says:

Hats off to him for doing that. Transgender men shouldn't be allowed to compete with the women.

Monty Johns27 says:

I thought Brandon Curry said on Instagram that he wasn't going to australia

M A says:

I'm gonna Identify as a kid, imagine the record I'll break.

T Bennett says:

Zuby went penggggg

mpforeverunlimited says:

He should've done MMA, that would really have made a statement if someone got seriously injured.

starscream512 says:

That first story was really confusing. This Zuby guy is obviously an idiot trying to get some publicity. He basically says he smashed the women’s powerlifting deadlift record without trying as a man. But also claims that men do not have an advantage over women which he proves is not true. Then wants people to not be “bigots.” Also Nick needs to clarify what he means by “taking his point.”

darth hideous says:

Dexter? AA?

bingbangboozygetinthejacuzzi says:

Tired of transgenders and bullshit sjw stuff in sports. These fuckers are lucky they are in USA if in some Arabic or Asian country they just get shot in the head for being idiots.

tord ko says:

U made this popular damn…. i used to do this to earn money at competitions!

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