Ocean Bloom & Status Fitness Magazine / Jamie Eason



Mike M says:

Ocean Bloom is so hot!  Damn she looks awesome!

Filmaker25 says:

Jaime a woman with a brain in her head I didn't think it was possible! Faboulous woman here. Beautiful!

Curvychloe says:

well I got 1 outa 2 Great physique, so-so face.lol

radio187 says:

Jamie is awesome. She's beautiful and is actually a genuine person. So many people in the "industry" are narcissistic manipulators like Kelly Ryan who act nice in public but are vile when the cameras aren't rolling. Jamie is really just a sweet girl who loves being beautiful and works damn hard at it.

Terry Reddinger says:

she is sooo damn hot LOVE HER

ClideWhit says:

I'll make her touch her toes

inetuse says:

You two are beautiful. I need to go to one of you guys shows. There is nothing more sexier than woman with beautiful face and awesome physique.

4662431 says:

Jamie has the perfect body.

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