Nuriye Evans – Female Bodybuilding



Bruce Banner says:

I like your positive comment but to be honest, she uses steroid like crazy. You can tell from her voice. Her voice is so manly and her body is unatural

Steve Couhhlin says:

Nuriye i was afraid of what my friends might say. But I think of you every night and there a nothing in the world I want more than you. Please unblock me.

Avi L says:

Nuriye is and always has been one of my all-time favorites. Thanks for the video.

Muscle Worshiper says:

Nuriye is charismatic, she knows how to interact with her fans. I had the pleasure to chat with her a bit on the cam site where she works. On top of that, the woman's massive!

kubilay gördeslioğlu says:

Is she make mixed wrestling?

Eddie Brock says:

She has good definition. Anybody seen eastenders? She looks like Sharon but obviously pumped up.

Mandeep Sehgal says:

I want to get Crushed under her

Jerry Adams says:

Very strong, thank you. 😎✌✌✌

Stuart Morris says:


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