New Talent Of Female Bodybuilding | NALA PAYTON | 21 Years Old Muscle Girl

New Talent Of Female Bodybuilding | NALA PAYTON | 21 Years Old Muscle Girl

Model – Nala Larain Payton 21 years from USA

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QueenBn Zay says:

THATS MY SISTER. Lol who did this??

Zack Palmisano Bodybuilding says:

Always posting great stuff

tregun7 says:

That little girl is incredibly strong!

newbie3161 says:

More perfection

Tan Ler says:

Born to lift. Looks at home in the gym.

David Smith says:

I'm amazed by her strength, fitness and beauty!

Bob from Accounting says:

Wow, just simply wow!!! She is incredible. #thosepullups

Роман Феденко says:

зачем ей такой вес поднимать? спрашивается.

TrumpetMan says:

A true Goddess!

The Dude says:

Beautiful and strong AF. Proof that muscles on women does not make them manly.

zabaleta says:

Mmmhmmm…..sweet fresh meat. No tattoos, even better.

Dominique Wilson says:

A Pure Perfection Phenomenal Amazing Massive Ripped Stronger Incredible Marvelous Stunnin Beautiful Goddess

Krzysztof A. Świątkowski says:

Very strong and beautiful girl!

Khurston Sanders says:

After Carriejune Bowlby, there is another 21 year old sensation of female bodybuilding. And her name is Nala Larain Payton.

Lucille Baez says:

Beautiful 💪💪

Gajeel Session says:

😍😍 I can never find women like this in Augusta, GA smh

Mei MLGTV says:

My morning motivation!!! 😩💯💯💯
Dang she's so pretty and her physique is crazy amazing! Daanggg 😍

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