This is how Jesus saved me from darkness, and brought me into His glorious light.



Amor Antasia says:

Great testimony and you're so pretty! You have amazing skin!

Amor Antasia says:

Hi! I just saw your comment on my video, but by the time that I could find it it was gone. You said that I claimed to be a Christian yet I cussed like a sailor but that was not me in the video clip of the girl at the mall with the sex trafficking ladies. As I stated in the beginning of my video, I saw that video clip on IG and I read comments that described my scenario so I shared it and I even bleeped out ALL of the cuss words. I don't cuss/use profanity at all. Not in any of my videos, nor in real life. I just wanted to clarify that.

Ralph Garrett says:

This is your winning season in Jesus Christ name!

Savvy Niquole says:

We’ve only known each other for about a year at least, if not longer, and I’ve watched you grow in so many areas. This energy was not here a year ago, and I am so happy to see it here now. You deserve it.

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