King Kamali: The One Thing Female Competitors Need To Do To Save Women's Bodybuilding

King Kamali: The One Thing Female Competitors Need To Do To Save Women's Bodybuilding

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King Kamali breaks down the key changes that Women's Bodybuilding needs to make in order for the division to succeed.

There was a time only a few years ago where it seemed like Women's Bodybuilding was on the verge of completely dying. It was no longer featured at the Olympia weekend and rarely seen in majority of IFBB competitions throughout the year. All of that seemed to change with the announcement that the Olympia 2020 would feature Women's Bodybuilding once again. But will it be able to grow and succeed? Or will it fall down the same path due to lack of interest? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, King Kamali shares his honest opinion on what women bodybuilders need to do to save the Women's Bodybuilding division.

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bikerboy4161 says:

At the end of the day it's just like he said his personal opinion. I dont agree with it but I see where hes coming from. Thing is though. Much like vlad asked. It's my op that womens bodybuilding shouldn't be about looking "traditional" feminine. It should be much like mens open class. Who can pile on not just the most muscle but who can get the best definition with it. Who can bring the most impressive package to the show. It doesnt make a woman less feminine. If you talk to female bodybuilders they still carry themselves and act like any other woman. Youd be surprised how sexy a muscular woman can be. But that's just my op.

mike wolonsky says:

asking women to not go to extreme, is like asking male bodybuilders to not do roids- come on – you know better-

Kyle says:

Get rid of iris Kyle. Ruined the sport.

Cameron Angel says:

Im a huge fan of muscular girl I find them extremely attractive, however I absolutely agree with king here I like buff chicks emphasis on chicks. Example DLB is freaking hot

Michael Mayers says:

Some females wana go to a extreme. Met a gormer figure girl she didnt wat to take roids to get big. She has a nice slim atlethic build but she want more . To keep improving. Females gok t that monster mindset to

SickKent says:

They need to do King's robot posing routine.

부자빌더 says:

I saw a good video. Come on my channel too!

Chuck Zamzow says:

Nailed it completely. 👏 woman I believe should attain the symmetry and improve on it bigger does not mean better and yes it is on the judge's

Anthony 1987 says:

I LOVE females! And I LOVE bodybuilding….. but not those 2 words combined togheter……

Joydeep Dey says:

Dont.. Let it die its natural death

SuperCaliFragiListicExpiali DopeShit says:

I think there has to be a distinct separation between men's/women's bodybuilding. The standard will always be different between the sexes. King is right, men must be aesthetic and balanced, women must be also aesthetic and balanced, but also still look feminine (former competitor, Rachel Mclish even said so). The moment women start looking like men in the face then what's the point of having a women's division at all then?

Men have their place and women have theres. Some things are just not supposed to be equal between men/women and bodybuilding is one of them. The point of the women's division is to showcase beauty (that includes facial attractiveness), femininity, and well balanced muscular physiques.

Lord Chumpington says:

They are not doing it for men's gratification, they are doing it for the sport. It's exactly the same as men, they don't do it for women, they do it for the sport. Hardly any women like huge, ripped men lmao (of course some do, but most don't). If you did it for what women like, you wouldn't be a be that big.

Mellon_fit1271 M says:

King kamali hits the nail on the head every time…..

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