Kelly Hu plays Battlefield Hardline w/ Alicia Marie!



UЅᎯ MᎯRᎾ says:

Omg I am playing battlefield hardline right now.kelly hu is my favourite

Q says:

god this guy

gatopreto 1207 says:

ok almost impossible but, Angelina is left handed, it`s not that dificult

gatopreto 1207 says:

apply pressure man I`m dying kkkk

gatopreto 1207 says:

ts that a game I did? kkkk why this video has just 4 likes

gatopreto 1207 says:

the npcs are real actors? I dont think so

gatopreto 1207 says:

kkk It`s funny how she keeps the controller close to the console (aiming at it too) like it has a short cable

gatopreto 1207 says:

I dont even know what FPS means kkk

Uranius Johnson says:

42:20 aww she's taken

Ryoku X says:

Gosh I love her!!

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