Jim Croce’s “These Goals” by Alicia Marie

Jim Croce’s “These Goals” by Alicia Marie

Making an attempt one thing somewhat totally different. My association of certainly one of my favourite people fashion songs: Jim Croce's, “These Goals.” Performed on a 1944 Stella.



Gianluca Astuti says:

Great!!! <3 šŸ˜‰

Jack Valentine says:

Great Cover! Way to put your own taste to it

Jim Carroll says:

I LOVE how your voice has matured over the past few years!

blues999z says:

Smoking Hot Alicia — Looking and Sounding Extremely Cool………………………………………….

Rc-ikarus says:

Eso ha sido hermoso. Gran interpretaciĆ³n, con mucho sentimiento. Me siento muy afortunado por disfrutar de tu talento. Un abrazo, querida Alicia.

Fremont John says:

Very nice, Alicia. Nice to hear you get out of the Blues for a bit. I really like the way your voice has matured. I'm thinking you've been working on it and it's paying off.

HUTCHfromBA says:

It's great to see new stuff. Awesome singing/writing and playing. I love it ! Blues On….

Hugo Angel says:

Ā”Thanks for sharing such a beautiful song and performance Alicia!
Your heartfelt expressions transmits such deep feelings…

downhill2400 says:

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Paul McCaffrey says:

I love what you do Alicia

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