Jennifer Nicole Lee, Oxygen cover girl



Stella Peralta says:

Wowww! That was wonderful! I've always wondered what your Fitness Model Factory looks like! Thank you for the tour!!!! GO JNL!!!! Haters in the Building!

MamaSmurf says:

And she's fake too.

MamaSmurf says:

She is so stuck on herself. All she cares about is making money.

DivineSoul KNicole says:

Hmmm, these look like moves from the Insanity workout.

TheBrunetteswin says:

Congratulations gorgeous! I am so happy to all your accomplishments keep growing. I am a long time subscriber to Oxygen, so I am really excited to see you on the cover, AGAIN, wooot woot! Where can I buy your JNL Fusion videos at? Are they for sale at retail stores? I will be doing these videos and getting in the best shape ever, thnks to you. Congrats again.

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