Jennifer Nicole Lee On Oprah

Jennifer Nicole Lee On Oprah

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Saiphet says:

This is why it is so hard for women. No matter if you're skinny, overweight, tall, short, extremely gorgeous or fit…. there are always other women judging you instead of being inspired or giving respect or even appreciating that she is giving away her secrets to help me and you! She has training videos for free and free advice just so she can help you! Women should be as confident as she is without worrying about what they look like before walking out the door because other women may judge her


That does not happen to everyone .

The Serious Entrepreneur says:

This woman is amazing!! Why the jealous comments! She has inspired me Sooo much and she busts her ass to get into shape! Stop asking silly questions and commenting on a boob job! A boob job does not give you the body she has! Who cares if she has it? Why even come to this video to hate? She turns her haters into motivators. Get off your ass and get it into action.

HornetUK1 says:

what alot of fake shit

Bec Hub says:

@GiselleBellyDancer I was 225 at the end of my pregnancy. I have never been overweight, and worked my butt off to get back to normal. I now weight 132 lbs., and the only thing on my body that doesn't look normal after losing so much weight is my boobs. I think she definitely had a boob job. lol.

Chris and Eric Martinez says:

Awesome Job JNL! Keep inspiring!

Kalan Ferguson says:

I'd love to be one of her babies.

Giselle Belly Dancer says:

What did she do with her extra skin? if you loose so much weight your skin gets flabby and loose. right or wrong?

The Serious Entrepreneur says:

Bring on the hate..she turns her haters to motivatorss

miamimagicians magician miami says:

@trueconservatie33 Ok, I watched it. It doesn't change my opinion of her one bit! Jennifer is super nice person and those people where harassing her for no reason!

Trueconservative16 says:

@miamimagicians go watch informcial on 20/20, its on hulu, then you will see how "wonderful" she is

miamimagicians magician miami says:

@askunique She's the greatest human being in the entire world!

arikat1 says:

this is stupid

Dave says:

To be honest, those workouts are kinda dumb, but damn are they HOT!!!!!

waters129 says:

EXACTLY! All this was just Bs! I doubt she used her baby as a weight all these years! lol

dudeyy399 says:

thats one hot milf

Roma Banyetshnikov says:

I thought she used the ab circle to get those abs??? lol

WH2012 says:

This is very sweet and commendable. However, you don't win bikini competitions after having two munchkins by doing 'lightweight' exercise routines. I believe that if Oprah would have probed further than the "fluff" interview that she always does, she would see that JNL works out with INTENSITY on a regular basis, like anyone in fitness who demonstrates great results and success.

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