Jean Claude Van Damme’s Wife was a Bodybuilding Champion

Jean Claude Van Damme’s Wife was a Bodybuilding Champion

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Jean Claude Van Damme was a bodybuilder himself prior to becoming an action star, but did you know his wife was a professional female bodybuilder?
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Brian Tel says:

Back when female bodybuilders were still fuckable.

Will Power says:

Wow! His wife was damn hot😮

filegumbo says:

I had an M&F issue in the 80's that featured Gladys and also had a picture of Jean Claude doing a split next to her. They named him in the caption and it was the first I'd ever heard of him. He was the backup to Gladys at the time.

don sanders says:

I saw Gladys compete in the early days of the Miss Olympia. She could have been a champ but didn't want to use. Good for her.

XL318 X says:

She showed him juice Fact

GT Lees says:

I'm a Jean Claude Van Damme fan and I did know the story but it was a great topic and presented well. I actually enjoyed the lady bodybuilding back then, but I prefer the aesthetic look for males too so it kinda figures I guess. Gladys Portugues was and is a beautiful lady and it's kinda cool how they remarried and stayed together. I'd still love to see Van Damme and Segal meet face to face and Van Damme show that fat fake just how it is. I can't imagine that ever happening though. Good stuff Nick! ………………………………PEACE!!

Quest Physics says:

I heard JVC also use to beat his wife and that was one of the reason they got divorced. Let us know if there is any truth to that. I am glad though they reconciled and saved their family.

Jonathan Smith says:

Great video as always.

But, on a whole 'nother tangent, just to gauge Nick's viewers, or even a topic for Nick himself, I just came back from the gym, and I thought of the topic of "gym etiquette", i.e., things not to do/or do at the gym. Here's a short list, and would like feedback from all those in this sport/hobby.

1)Stop grunting so loud when you're doing reps. You're not Arnold in Pumping Iron. You're not on camera, and you don't have to try to impress anyone. You're coming over as obnoxious and trying too hard for attention. I've been working out for 40 years and I can keep it to myself.

2)Equally, stop breathing so loud. You're not Kai T. Greene. You're not on camera, and you don't have to try to impress anyone. You're coming over as obnoxious and trying too hard for attention. I've been working out for 40 years and I can keep it to myself. Just control yourself.

3)Please, don't chew gum. Again, you're not Arnold in Pumping Iron. There's nothing worse at the gym than being on some apparatus, and someone sitting next to you, chonking on this goo in their mouth, like a cow chewing on it's cud, and absolutely wreaking of repugnant, stale, spearmint smell. It's as bad as if someone lit up a cigarette next to you. Please keep your vices to yourself. Gum chewing is bad for you anyways, as well as bad for sidewalks where people still spit out their used pieces.

4)Please, before you come to the gym, shower and use some deoderant. Even worse than gum chewing, is someone sitting down next to you with chronic B.O. And I know that garlic is good for your health, but have it after you leave the gym and get home. The B.O. in the gym is even worse than the B.S.

5)Yes, stop the B.S. in the gym, and leave others alone. Please. Everyone that has been training for even a few weeks thinks that they're an expert, just like every alcoholic in A.A. thinks that they can spread the light in their new found sobriety. Stop trying to spread your vast amount of knowledge to everybody. What works for you may not work for them. Let them make their own discoveries, and even their own mistakes. You are not Vince Gironda, Bill Pearl, Charles Glass, or Hany Rambod. High reps, low reps, light weights, heavy weights? It's all conjecture. What worked for Frank Zane didn't work for Ronnie Coleman.

The gym is a common area used by many. So there should be etiquette, respect, workmanship, and class shown at all times.

I'm sure that many others can share their pet peeves. Please do. It's a wonderful sport/hobby/way of life, and conversation and opinions are good.

Keung Kau says:

Gladys Portgues , Rachel Mclish , Lyida Cheng , Shelly Gruwell , Stacey Bentley, Kris Alexander and Carla Dunlap had to be the best of the best in the 1980s

Harry Demkee says:

She also pretty much saved his life, affairs and drugs were his downfall and she is his rock, getting back together and remarrying saved his life…

Hector Mendoza says:

Excellent Women's physique competitor if it was available to her then

Stalker0965 says:

At least she doesn't have to demean herself by doing Tostitos commercials. WTF happened to Jean Claude's career?

Varangian Vigilante says:

Awesome video, please do a video on Gordon Mitchell and Kirk Morris. Two bodybuilder Peplum stars lesser known than Reg Park and Steve Reeves but both had a great run as Hercules and Maciste.

Shane Mcman says:

Every time I do the splits at the gym I have to explain who Van Damme is

TomHarper1997 says:

She still looks feminine, looks 1000x better, rather than near male bodybuilding physiques with female heads

Alpha Strength says:

Can Jean be considered a bodybuilder?

Junokaii says:

Van Damme isn't the greatest English acting people, but in his natural language he's much better.

It's cool how him and his wife had a falling out, then got back together that's cool.

Thulsa Doom says:

Van Dam’s been married to Glady’s since the late 80’s, 1987 to be exact. I remember when he mentioned how hot she was on the Arsenio Hall Show way back then. He talked about her being a Puerto Rican bodybuilder from the Bronx. They divorced in the early 90’s and then got remarried. Them being a couple was talked about quit a bit in some 90’s bodybuilding magazines. I always thought his marriage to her was somewhat common. I guess not.

Also, the late Gregory Hines was also engaged to female bodybuilding icon, Negrita Jayde, who passed a few years after Hines.

anj2099 says:

Rachel MacLeish baby please.

Paulo Haas says:

I had to re-watch the Epic split video after this one for some reason 😀 😀

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