Jamie Eason’s Glutes Move



wilwat9 says:

Great exercise and cute woman!!!

Md Shifut Hossain says:

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jasim jawad says:

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Adrian Trigueros Sanchez says:

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Broadway Lane says:

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Rk Pokhrel says:

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90sgrunge1 says:

Jamie is the hottest girl alive!

Camach says:

She wears short hair very well.

Ihategoogle says:

I cant imagine Jamie uses this as a main excercise in her leg training. It is a terrible excercise becaus; Holding the dumbel like that limits the weight amount very much not matter how strong your shoulders are. Low weights dont really build muscels, just burns calories(and not even in the aria your training)

Jeff Weissman says:

Jillian Michaels has nothing on Jamie

eulluisgtr34 says:

More girls need to do workout like these with added weight than just hit the treadmill for an hour.

ezcondition says:

looks like she needs more sleep.

Vladimir Ranisavljevic says:

i love you jamie

ThePistolero2011 says:

im in love with jamie 🙂

deweys says:


J T says:

@deweys The shoes are important as well as form. I was asking the question to Jamie, not you. Please keep snark comments to yourself.

deweys says:

@MSMILLA The shoes? That's what you took away from this video? lmao

InToFemale Muscles says:

Really???? Oxygen records all of their videos in 480p? Can't Robert Kennedy can't afford an HD camera?

J T says:

Love the shoes!! What kind are they??

mrzhutch says:

Great exercise to do at home, thanks for sharing.

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