Jamie Eason’s Fish in Foil Recipe — Bodybuilding.com

Jamie Eason’s Fish in Foil Recipe — Bodybuilding.com

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This dish is so easy to prepare that you can customize each piece of fish to accommodate any picky eater in the house.

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Recipes: Fish In Foil

What could possibly be better than a dish high in protein but low in calories and fat? A dish that is super easy to prepare and even easier to clean up, of course! It is no secret that fish is an excellent source of lean protein and with it's anti-inflammatory benefits from omega-3's, consuming fish at least a few times a week, is becoming more and more popular.

With this “fish in foil” recipe, you can use any variety of fish that you like, combined with any of your favorite vegetables. As a matter of fact, this dish is so easy to prepare that you can customize each piece of fish to accommodate any picky eater in the house. Steaming the fish and vegetables within a pouch yields such a moist piece of fish, that you'll likely never make your fish any other way again.



Duke H. says:

Healthy meal, but this is as basic as it gets, and more for a person that has very little skill in the kitchen. Tilapia is garbage fish. At least use a filet of quality fish.

Anuj Kalra says:

Are there any other veggies than Asparagus that you may use in this recipe?

James Roth II says:

This is pretty underwhelming. I think She needs to open up a bit more, and show her personality. This feels too scripted.

Bludika says:

That's some dull ass knife lol

Michelle Hayton says:

Looks great, but I am going to use broccoli and a little olive oil on it as well. I do not have Old Bay seasoning so going to use some paprika, fresh garlic, sea salt, and pepper instead.

Robert LC - Digital Artist says:

This was actually recorded with a tomato.

jamesgville says:

I hope I'm not the only one that watches these JUST cause she's hot.

SouthBayRider says:

she's hot but she doesn't have any personality 


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Deepak P says:

Hi Jamie! great video! very practical, economical and healthy! Just wondering can you cook this recipe the night before and store leftovers in the fridge to take to work the next day? or would the spices and lemon break down the fish over night?

keep up the good work!

EA Executive says:

"I can leave those & i can actually start on MY LEMONS"
btw gr8 vid !

Rose Gray says:

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Al Llen says:

I didn't pay any attention at all

Satish jindal says:

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nabeen Manandhar says:

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Radu Alexandrescu says:

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tarapos says:

great recipe and that girl is a total babe!

AbeTheGreat1 says:

oh my stars! i wish she wasn't married );

fatcole says:

Tilapia and flounder are lean, but fats from salmon or bluefin tuna is great for your health (especially your brain and heart). I'll sub salmon/tuna biweekly. A simple sprig of fresh crushed dill or mint is great with the salmon. But, real lemon is the only way to go…the stuff in the plastic lemon tastes weak and may have preservatives. I only add the lemon when done cooking, I've noticed the lemon will break down the fish while cooking, and takes away from the flavor of a good piece of fish.

Miguel Narez says:

"that one is not as cute" shes too sexy!

Mike Webster says:

cooking skills and beauty : O ? that's something rare these days

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