Jamie Eason – Iron Man Magazine – Ironman Hardbody



Gio Rosso says:

When do you come in Italy??

wilwat9 says:

Jamie is lovely!!!!!!!!!!

ezcondition says:

she gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in my rocks.

YT says:

What a boner maker she is. Perfection!

One Channel says:

jamie, my is always for u….u my truly lover….

lignjoslav87 says:

Abbou is better…

Patrik Karlsson says:

Hahaha and youre not even chinese.
judgeing from youre channel youre a typical 14 year old swedish girl from sthlm with a drinking problem.
still,. made me laugh so thanks.

Kamii1987 says:

you're right!

ntt911 says:

perfect, enough said

FCM415 says:

Bet she only let white guys hit. shameshame

Bjarmi92 says:

clenbuterol ..

texastucker89 says:

Amazingly gorgeous!!!

CloudNineProductions says:

i just jizzed in my pants

sirkauz says:

foekie foekie doen?

CreativelyPhoenix says:

she is my fitness idol

Bjarmi92 says:

you just will not get better .. this is the best .. EVER ..

mudbutton2 says:

I want to toss her salad.

Thomas Parella says:

Anybody finding flaws with ANY part of her has problems.

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