Jamie Eason Fitness Figure Female Bodybuilding Model



Concerned Human says:

muscles makes a woman UGLY AS SHIT. Women are supposed to look soft and feminine. Not get full of testosterone. Eason looks like a gay man trying to be a woman. Her fake boobs help prove it.

ezcondition says:

that girl in the background is looking good ; ) i love me some dirty bulk.

Nuth34d says:

Thats just not possible… theyre quite young.. and building a muscle mass that BIG takes ALOT of time.. not possible.. mathematically.. or any other way. If they dont take the steroids.

chefboy1976 says:

what a beautiful girl she's my new Angelina Jolie

Andrea Bosio says:

the perfect girl i believe!! lol…

Ronniedasmoker says:

cuming day and night right

Ferminator08 says:


Hootz99 says:

Hottie!! 😉

FinalFan0 says:

She's not a body builder, she is a Figure Model.

matt hines says:

nobody wants to hear u talk just get naked

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