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J B says:

She has a tiny butt

chrisn365 says:

pathetic morons in the comment section

wilwat9 says:

The butt is average!!! She is a hottie without a doubt!!!!!

Ghost of Cyfair says:

I would love to grab that

Diego Sheish says:

Bes video ever.

Victor W says:

I know this is suppose to be a blooper video but not doing wonders for her public image :S

-Tom - says:

nice ass, cameraman was creeper

ezcondition says:

i totally want her to mount my face! haha

xflameburn2 says:

Can I reincarnate as a camera in my next life?

Spiky Lee says:

One word : Perfection !


insert dick here.

Anton Slizzardhands says:

I want to squeeze it.

Silkyl5 says:

She's still classy this is an edited video and she does have the best body on earth. So let her show that booty on an exercise bike, it's alright.

Ashfaq Nuzooa says:

jamie i just want you!you are so fuckin perfect…OMFG

Potro-5XR says:

damn, if I would have sex with her i would drink VIAGRA

dfrelat says:

Baby got back!

NOYB says:

Now there is the PERFECT reason to follow Jamie on Twitter, Facebook or just about anywhere, eh!! And she is gorgeous and super smart too!! Fantastic combination!! 🙂

Joe G says:

thats a big….. GYM

mean71cuda says:

any of us would kill a man and go to prison for 15 years just to be able to tap that

mannyvelo says:

I'd be that bike seat any time…

Dustin says:


yunus1338 says:

I love big butts lol

BiaAthletics says:

who wouldn't wanna tap that ass seriously

Urhoboman5 says:

LMAO!!! That ass ain't even BIG!!! She still sexy sexy though. 🙂

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