IBBF Womens Physique Winner INDIA 2019 – Sanjana Dalak

IBBF Womens Physique Winner INDIA 2019 – Sanjana Dalak

Sanjana dalak wins Womens Physique title. Check out the complete posing routine and winning moments of winner – Sanjana dalak

Event : IBBF Mr India 2019
12th Senior Body Building (Mr. India) & 7th Physique Sports Men’s & Women’s National Body Building Championship 2019
Date : 30th & 31st March 2019
Organised by : Tamil Nadu Amateur Body Building Association
Location : Late Col. Jeppiaar Auditorium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Website : https://www.indianbodybuilding.co.in

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Mushin Aesthetics says:

What shitty postures. Not graceful at all. Awkward at first sight. And the bronze and silver winner shouldnt even be on stage. This is physique nit bikini

Agent Rogue says:

They need to learn poses first.seriously.

Anupam Sharma says:

third one was fuddu

Furqan Khan says:

Indian gaand dekh k lund standup ho gaya mera…… give me blowjob bitches

Naresh Tech says:

Ankita is just average among others still she can do better


Yeh dekho mera pechwada yeh dekho mera agwada🐒

being indian says:

Ankita is wrost, most overrated
4th one deserves 2nd place

Imranmostafa saad says:

Num 3 was hot

spiritual tree says:

They are not looking like women…..
They are like transgenders…

art of fitness studio fitness centre Bengaluru says:

Funny phosing I don't know why they gave for ankita Singh 3rd she is out shape. Very idiotic

Nicole White says:

Lol I'm too lazy 😢😘 I need a workout partner lol

BAHUBALI yani Mai says:

Clear cut winnner😀

Stallion Singh says:

Already fixed jo fuddi degi wahi jetegi

Francis Baymax says:

What the heck. first learn to pose and where is bajrand dal, RSS , VHP now?

Jaanu Vishnu says:

Posing not good

P#U#B P#U#B says:

Politics…3rd place winner didn't deserve to be in top 4 also…there wat were better physique than her. And her posing was also horrible.

heshvan venkat says:

Ankita looks awful

Varun Gupta says:

What the fuck are they doing in quarter turns…these athletes should work on their posing before stepping on stage

Chheda Muscle says:

Inki posing dekh ke maine apni aankhon me sabun daal diya😂😂😂

Tj K says:

Ankita ain't that better , sahil khan recommendation may be

Sadam Ali says:

Aur agiy baroa indine

Sadam Ali says:

Indin boodybillig mog Osama

Manju Sonavane says:

Fuck this generation!

RAZOR12334 says:

Women's posing is so bad.

Gadwala Ramesh says:

I am proud of my india and this great ladies

Himanshu Sharma says:

Bc kya posing hai ye..? 😂😂😂😂😂
Hanger hai kapde tangdo 😂😂

Local TV says:

Ish bar mr. India Main prize money nahi diya kiya

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