IBBF Miss India 2018 Winner Varsha Bhagchandani – Women’s Bodybuilding

IBBF Miss India 2018 Winner  Varsha Bhagchandani – Women’s Bodybuilding

Kanchi Advani obtained 1st place in Miss India Physique Constructing. Take a look at the entire posing routine and profitable moments of Miss India 2018 winner – Kanchi Advani

Occasion : IBBF Mr India 2018
eleventh Senior Physique Constructing (Mr. India) & sixth Physique Sports activities Males’s & Ladies’s Nationwide Physique Constructing Championship 2018
Date : twenty fifth March 2018
Organised by : Maharashtra Physique Constructing Affiliation
Location : Balewadi Stadium, Pune

Web site : https://www.indianbodybuilding.co.in



Veer Rao says:

Awesome yaar

Mike Obie says:

I don't blame these women, it's the Fucking American's.. they've hypnotized these poor creatures.. India is a great society but with the advances and changes, western culture has screwed things up.. look at them, who will marry them, How will they walk around in India, where ever they go people will pass rude remarks even the women begin them are feeling so awkward..

Puneet Sharma says:

height of chutiyapa….its wonder of heavy dosages of steroids and harmones thats it.

Kshiteej Jadhav says:

they are great

jatin ahuja says:

They all look like shemales fuck this women’s bodybuilding

bleepbloop says:

the one in green can catch my load

Paul Branwhite says:

If women want to body build the fair play to the but….. for the love of god what with the ridiculus looking gold paint. It looks like they are all just wearing Metroid Prime biochemical suits…. just pose with your natural skin colour .. my god.

Tiny Particle says:

aby focus kr, kia itni dore sy video bana raha hy

noman javed says:

Hahaha saray khusray akhatay kea hoe hain

Bhushan Patil says:

372 Awosome affordable performance next time 100% wining u…..

Deep Mukhia says:

It won't take years but generations for people with disgusting comments to disappear from videos like this. Live and let live. People will do whatever they like.

Lim Vincent says:

Stink….. Yucks

fitness adicted says:

Hijde lagte hai sab ki sab

fitness adicted says:

Randi aurte sali nangga hone ka bohot shouk hai

Nikhil Suryawanshi says:

This division should be banned,bunch of transgender posing,these women's use fucking drugs and then man up mostly test based cycle,and women's of India confuse that lifting will make them look like this,feel bad for these ladies, destroyed bodies to such a extent that now no returning back, lifting won't make women look like this,go to the gym ladies stay fit

Anirban Bhattacharya says:

where's Europa Bhowmik?

nikhil raj says:

winner is varsha,dear ibbf change the caption from kanchi advani to varsha ,so that people don't get confused as well as don't lose the channel respect by writing wrong captions , finally thank u for video

Ritesh Kumar says:

One word, Ugly.

Pari videos says:

Mujhe koi subscribe nhi krta😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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