How to transform your ab circle pro into a bum booty butt Glute Machine By Jennifer Nicole Lee



Keerthy Aachari says:

Thnku so much💕

Inna Kirichuk says:

Bring on the 2020 version of this!!!

Paula Margaret says:


Amy Larkins says:

Where can the latest model of the ab circle pro be purchased?

ljalexander0930 says:

I would love a 2020 workout version

Timothy Henry says:

Omg I just start using it today and I love it 12min work out yessssssss

Jomama Palmer says:

Omgosh, I love this!! I did your 12 min video then went to this one with the band-OMG!! I have MS (multiple sclerosis) and I’m trying to do stuff at home. Really difficult to walk and balance it like I drank a case😆. My neighbor gave me your Ab Circle, I had no idea all it can do- love it!! Please keep them coming…

Mocha Taylor says:

Yes 2020 version

Tara Taylor says:

Where can I purchase one at? I used to have one a long time ago but can’t seem to find one anywhere. I’m all about the glute workouts. So I really want one

Rockers Topic says:

🤔-is that true that the ab circle pro you will lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks?

donici bianca says:

put a pad in the knee position for the legs wu will sell billions

Isa Corcino says:

Where are the bands from??

ChanclaMa says:

o wow i have one and i goin to do this thanks 😊 I was in a boot camp, and now I have to exercise at home and this is great!
(I was going to sell it , but not anymore)

Anahi XO says:

My brother gave me the ab circle for mt birthday in june. I wish i would have opened it sooner. I just started last week and I already see my stomach teansforming. Thank you so much for all your tips.

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