How to Deal with Fake Phony People & Back Stabbers by Jennifer Nicole Lee



Stronger Everyday says:

Love ya Jennifer … stay strong…. fight the good fight

Angela Waldman says:

This is outrageous Jennifer! Wow, to lie first of all sucks but to lie about your health for sympathy is sooooo shady and to then turn around and steal your business model is disgusting! I've known you for a lot of years and all you have ever done is GIVE of yourself, HELP other people, CHANGE people's lives for the better and take nothing in return. You build people up and teach others to do so. In my opinion, you have never charged even a fraction of what you could have for what you give away and you do it because you truly love to help. I'm proud of you for making this video and calling her out. Thank you for sharing this and also I hope that now you have, you can let go the negative energy she has created. The sisterhood you have created remains strong and she has lost not only a friend and a coach but an entire group of supportive, positive women who could have given her ten times what she may gain from stealing. So good riddance! Happy New Year Jennifer and I hope to see you again very soon. xoxoxo

Jurita Svelnikaite says:

I'm so there with you, Jennifer 🤗💖 It's sad! I learn not to waist my time on that kind of people! I know very well how it feels when people use your kindness! It hearts.

101Tmon says:

WOW!!! That's not right!

jacqueline marden says:

Just saw this. Sorry this happened! Great video Jen. xo. Thank you !

in_love_with_glam austria says:

Omg😡😡this is sooo ugly😧I hate fake people, I just look at your video and I am angry 😤 sorry that you have to go true this so often 😥😰i Love you so much

queengoddess2010 says:

Oh Hell No!!!!! Good Bye to bad Rubbish!!!!! Our group just got better and lighter!!! Love you Jennifer! Say it like it is Jennifer, she is full of BS!!!!!

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