How I Became Jamie Eason’s Cart Boy —

How I Became Jamie Eason’s Cart Boy —

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The film crew is on hand for a special trip to the grocery store, where Jamie's extensive experience with nutrition and natural foods is put to the test as she analyzes nutritional content, scrutinizes food labels, and offers tips for healthy alternatives.

How I Became Jamie Eason's Cart Boy–And The 10 Lessons I Learned

Okay, so guess who went on a grocery-shopping extravaganza (I'm calling it a date) with Jamie Eason? Me! I'm not sure why I was chosen to do this, and I think she was a little surprised as well, but as I waited for her in the hotel lobby I started wondering what Jamie Eason might be like.

Would it turn out that her real name was actually Demanda? Or was she just a total fake who didn't know the difference between a candy bar and a protein shake? This was a truly odd “date”–the world's fittest model going shopping with the world's most immature nerd.



chrisjazz10 says:

Wish I was her cart boy….what a beauty!!!

Brad Suarez says:

I can't keep my eyes off her cleavage!

Suresh Kumar says:

You are right. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly.

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rammurthy a.v.s says:

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TypicallyUnique says:

Not such a bad thing when it's Jamie Eason 🙂

she is a classy girl

Rachel R says:

she's got a gucci bag!

Henrik Holt says:

she was talking about stevia being on a nother ile, while you can see the stevia on the shelf 😀

5 Minute Compilations says:

when did skrillex start working out

Mahesh Paudel says:

It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these other people do it so easily with "Smashing Ripped X" (check it out on Google).

Philip C. says:

Hahahahah man that was funny as shit as I was seeing the video.

Kevin Iskandar says:

She's an angel from heaven shining through the dark on YouTube.

ezcondition says:

gotta get a girl like this. i'd make all kinds of gainzzz : )

Civil Engineering Nepal says:

Wow. Excellent clip.

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ezcondition says:

the eatins sound good.

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