Guusje Van Geel most beautiful & Strong Fitness Model Gymnast & Dancer | Female Fitness Motivation

Guusje Van Geel most beautiful & Strong Fitness Model Gymnast & Dancer | Female Fitness Motivation

Guusje Van Geel most beautiful & Strong Fitness Model Gymnast & Dancer | Female Fitness Motivation
Guusje Van Geel most beautiful fitness model, dancer & gymnast from dutch watch her amazing workouts & Enjoy the video 🤗.

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Testius 2 says:

104 ugly and fat women watched this

0ttiboy says:

why her mouth is always open

Frédérik LE GOFF says:

STOP it's ok for me like that!😁

Concerned Citizen says:

Wow, what a genuine Juice-Pop~!

ill Eagle Sneaks says:

Hot if u like ur women with huge arms 🤮

Mighty Mouse says:

Too much for my taste… 🤔

DFR SYR says:

Красунька. 😍😘🏆

Lin Presck says:

Too masculine, she has a butt of a man. At least she has boobs which are not that small as other sportswomen have.

Kamui | Master of Disguise says:

how much testosterone did she take? lol

A.F.S. says:

Lot of thirsty women looking for validation. There are 50 girls like this in every gym. Big deal

Andrey Yurchenko says:

Whats the point to have shoulders wider than ass?

Μηνας Μαλλιαράκης says:

beautiful face , ugly body

MGTOW Stacker says:

The weights she is using are laughable 😂

sidlord1000 says:

I do like girls, so I would have to wake up my inner gay to like this one. #gonetoofar

Katon78PL says:

Phhhi, come to Poland – 98% Polish girls at the gym look like her 😉

Hassan Haidar says:

lekkerste wijfie van Nederland

tkallay says:

You shouldn't put pictures on the thumbnail which are not in the video.

popeye697 says:

Either she's literally training herself @ 1:06, or she has a twin.

Party Quest says:

That's a woman!

walsie435 says:

I die inside a little every time I see a woman this hot.

Xkk Xkk says:

you need to drink good cocktail, to look like this not only work…if you know what i'm sayin 😀

Rafael Fernandes says:

and people wonder why i love dutch girls

E VH says:


What Ever says:

I wonder how rich I need to be for this

James Arte says:

Why do you want to do all this and become superhuman . . .
. . . when you can sit down down with a nice cup of hot chocolate and read a Superman comic?

Briansgate says:

The perfect female physique doesn't exi—

Fangzhou Liu says:

She looks like Cammy from street fighter

CTaLieN11 says:

How can one be motivated by something that makes a death machine out of a beautiful girl??? Girls shouldn't look like they are about to squish your head with one hand

Anxiety disorders says:

anavar is magic

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