From Fat Mom To Sexy Model: Jennifer Nicole Lee (New Video)

From Fat Mom To Sexy Model: Jennifer Nicole Lee (New Video) | Jennifer Nicole Lee claims she can help any determined mom look sexy after giving birth just like she did… Fact or fiction?



Heidi Flyest says:

she looks amazing, i think she was still beautiful before though (she didn't look that big)….  but i prefer her with darker hair.  Good for her! what a great transformation to fitness

Executnr says:

GTFOH, her 190 pounds didnt even look bad an I know it wasnt overly hard to lose because she didn't even look fat at 190, but its funny the exaggeration they use to sell stuff, plus she was in her 20s, I guess thats why it was so hard to find her fat pics.

cheezynutcracker says:

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Talon thought kissing Flit to shut him up might be a good idea. He was wrong. It was a fucking great idea.

SunOutStudios says:

Prolly time to retitle the video; not exactly "New" as of Sept 2013.

Ami Islam says:

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I knew it would begin with the end, and the end would look like death to these eyes. I had been warned.

atzerath says:

was it only fitness or also surgery?

Littlelambism says:

That was hard work. Well done Jennifer Nicole Lee!

Ryan E says:

Great Job JNL.

Lee R. Ruscint says:

what an amazing inspiration! Lee ruscin loves Jennifer Nicole Lee! You are incredible!

thegreenjudy says:

I respect this woman for what she achieved but I think she was just as beautiful before. This show might give the impression that she was ugly and fat beforehand but she is a tall woman and had quite large boobs – she was just curvier but by no means fat and ugly. Actually I think she might be a bit too muscly now – but if she likes it that way, why not? Sometimes it's good to be balanced and be somewhere in between trim and curvy. Oh and please go back to your dark hair 🙂

FriendlyCrooc says:

your words work on someone with a handicap
but you`re probably a fat ass who`s only handicap is being too lazy

FriendlyCrooc says:

she looked more like a man when she was fat
oh excuse me i forgot america is into FAT BITCHES

FriendlyCrooc says:

you sound like a fat uneducated liberal punk
get your lazy ass to work and you will lose weight…. genius

Stank Toe says:

The problem with America is that somebody (Oprah, I think) came up with the idea that it's ok to be fat, and that fat is beautiful. I suppose it's easier to lie to yourself, than to get off your fat ass and exercise.

The Serious Entrepreneur says:

She does not look like a boy…i will keep posting all day..who are these jealous fat women….the average american woman is a size 16… u can only hope and pray to look as good as her…. have u gone to a public beach lately..lets give credit where credit is due…you guys are PATHATIC

The Serious Entrepreneur says:

Jennifer Nicole Lee made an amazing transformation. If she wasnt fat to begin with it would of been the death of her to lose 70lbs. These are the same women who would talk behind her back. 200lbs is obese for all women in most cases. This is why america is obese because they dont know when to blow the whistle on weight gain until it is too late. Why I ask are you haters here picking her apart? You are clearly threatened and making a fool of yourself. She is an amazing women doing amazing things

The Serious Entrepreneur says:

Attention fat, jealous, women please dont waste your time posting hate notes and how she is sooooo self absorbed notes about jnl..why are you are fat and pathatic//.here you have a woman who wants to work hard to show how much she has grown and worked hard all you see is someone who wants to be accepted…no matter the motivation the fact is she did it..and she is representing and inspiring other moms ..get a life you fat cows

an50331 says:

@thenewgeneration123 Im pretty sure I know what sarcasm is, I minored in English in college. Ohh and that second remark was pathetically immature, like seriously one of the saddest attempts at making yourself believe you somehow "won". Good luck.

Stannis Baratheon says:

@an50331 First of all learn what sarcasm is.
Second, have fun with your fat girls and the only reason you like fat girls is because you cant get fit girls hahahaha owned and blocked, fatass

an50331 says:

@thenewgeneration123 alas, my suspicions turned out true…

Stannis Baratheon says:

@an50331 Sureeeeeeeeeeee whatever you say

an50331 says:

@thenewgeneration123 i can almost see you huffing and puffing, striking away at your keyboard in a desperate attempt to recover your honor. i know your type. anyway im curious, what makes me a dumbass? or better question what is it about you that keeps you far away from the rank of "dumbass" that i supposedly am entrapped in

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