Flex Wheeler: Women's Bodybuilding Lack Of Acceptance Is "Like A Slap In The Face" | GI Vault

Flex Wheeler: Women's Bodybuilding Lack Of Acceptance Is "Like A Slap In The Face" | GI Vault

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Flex Wheeler calls Women's Bodybuilding division's lack of acceptance a “slap in the face” for all bodybuilders.

In 2014, the last ever Ms. Olympia competition was held. Since then, there has been no Women's Bodybuilding presence at the Olympia stage. That's all changing this year with the reintroduction of the division at Olympia 2020. But for the last six years, there has been no way for Women's Bodybuilding competitors to prove themselves as the best in the world. In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Flex Wheeler reacts to the lack of acceptance for the Women's Bodybuilding division.

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L. P. says:

Female bodybuilders look freaky, but not in an attractive way to MOST men and women. Male bodybuilders are also freaky, but while muscle looks good on both sexes, lean ripped muscle looks sexier on males. Women look good firm, but not ripped. So my eye isn't interested in looking at a female bodybuilder on competition day. They are hot in the off-season.

George Seriani says:

IMO flex should have won the MR O at least twice!

Wahid Waheed says:

Cut the crap, Flex! Women's bodybuilding became hideous when they finally canceled the Ms. Olympia and the Ms. International 6 yrs ago. It was the right decision and they should keep it that way. The only reason women's BB is coming back to the Olympia is because of the creep who bought it. A perv with a muscle fetish who likes to surround himself with women with muscles. I bet you that he was one of those people who booked a woman with muscle to wrestle him in a motel room and hold him in a choke hold with her big thighs while her giant clit rubs against his head while he's squealing like a pig, buck naked and all oiled up.
…and yes, Women's bodybuilding is supposed to be beautiful, feminine and aesthetically appealing, hence the word "Women". which by the way Kim and Iris are none of that. They look nothing like female superheroines.
..and yes, if I were a woman in a public restroom and Kim or Iris walked right in, I would freak out too.
The sad part is…Kim is actually a very nice person. I feel bad that she had to go through that. She should divorce her husband and sue him for wrecking her life for a lousy 4 Olympia titles.
Women's Bodybuilding was born with Rachel, lived with Cory, survived with Lenda, died with Kim and was burried with Iris. …Anything after that is just Zombie bodybuilding.

Rian A says:

If Female bodybuilding came back, you'd just have men who identify as women competing in them now.

Robert THOMPSON says:

Mutual admiration society. Like women's Soccer, and WNBA we don't care. Young men at my YMCA take PED's because they want your look. Women not so, hence women's bodybuilding does not have the fan base. Recommend they pick another sport. Tennis? Otherwise it is a labor of love 💘 and are fortunate they have a stage to stand on. Stripper?🏊‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♂️

David Schultz says:

It's unfortunate to see my favorite bodybuilder of all times Flex Wheeler going full woke….women bodybuilders don't make the same as men bodybuilders because they generate less revenue, how hard is that to comprehend????
Bodybuilding is a business just like the NBA, NFL etc..

A. S. VanHoose says:

Synthal Wheeler reaching new levels of insecurity by wearing a shirt of himself. Nice tats too Wheeler, they totally don’t wash into your skin tone. Something else that’s nice was Ronnie Coleman’s work ethic, which you were never able to match for the simple reason that you’re the type that doesn’t step up to the plate in life.

David W says:

Hearing this interview makes me glad he never won Mr. Olympia also his arms look like balloons

Tamara Miller says:

Bev Francis was the first really muscular female bodybuilder, and she is quite normal and unaffected by hormones now.
I understand that people confuse it for a beauty contest, but let's get real here: 98% of women will say "yuck" when they look at a male bodybuilder too. Neither are considered attractive to the mainstream.
Let the women compete. If you don't like it then you don't have to watch.

Gerard Funds says:

It's called having an audience!! People love mens bodybuilding so it gets viewers and spectators, that means sponsorships and that means $$$. Now the exact opposite for women's bodybuilding. No likes, no spectators, no $$, no show!. Period. That's show business Flex!!

bdubs says:

“She has the best physique of all time”. Does she? Does she REALLY tho? Cmon let’s be fuckin real here

Terry Starks says:

Damn! Gotta Love Flex Wheeler! Truly one of the Greats of Bodybuilding! Much Respect sir!

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