Fitness Models get their Bones cracked! (massive compilation)

Fitness Models get their Bones cracked! (massive  compilation)

Lais DeLeon, Vanessa Vigil, Michelle Waterson, Jodie Esquibel, Caiti Jackson, Bi Nguyen, Tara Arrieta, Taylor Hill, Melody Decena Wyatt



Chris Smeirat says:

Anyone else think Dr. looks like a Mexican McGregor?


everything became interesting starting at 5:22

Alay Ledezma says:

Chiropractors get to touch thicc people ass

Matt Plyley says:

@ 5:36 the peach is ripe. I could do this job but then I couldn't. My cocksmenship woulda put me in jail, F a lawsuit.

ricky cruz says:

5:36 sooo no ones gonna talk about that πŸͺ?

Jesse Watson says:

Dr. J can fix refrigerator fellers not just hot chicks

Jesse Watson says:

Perverted wanna be Dr. J

Victor Liu says:

Im quitting my 6 figure job for this.

X d e a t h s t r o k e X says:

i don't know why is this only recommendation but i but no regrets hahahaha

D Resh says:

Does he get with any of these women?

Alexander Burias says:

It's official…Youtube Chiro vids are the new soft porn…

kiLLjoy24CALI says:

I wouldn't be able to perform this job professionally… πŸ†πŸŒ§

Skyplay S says:

Umm why is there a Captain America shield on the floor?

Steve Skonberg says:

Those girls were all trying to show their bodies and they has da hots.

kennethhave1993 says:

4.10 the boy in the backgrounds reaction πŸ˜‚

koolcat420 says:

Damn they not even trying to hide it anymore they know what we here for

Lord Carnage says:

Come on guys these girls must have known they were going to the chiropractor and that's why they dress so skimpy it's like an orgasm to the 12th power especially one at 5:17

Johny Cage says:

0:55 wow man stop xd

Team Player says:

Watching cracks is pleasant… getting cracks isn’t as pleasant.

hotdognobun says:

Who's at 2:35

Rolando Mota says:

IG thots are not models 😭😭😭

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