First Call Outs | Women's Bodybuilding | IFBB Chicago Pro 2020

First Call Outs | Women's Bodybuilding | IFBB Chicago Pro 2020

First call outs women's bodybuilding division at the IFBB Pro. League Chicago Pro

Reshanna Boswell
Theresa Ivancik
Angela Rayburn
Andrea Saurer
Anne E. Sheehan
Rheta West
Tina Williams

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Sean Mcmillan says:

Why are they afraid of putting the bigger girls in shows other then the Rising Phoenix ?

Sean Mcmillan says:

Reshanna Boswell had the best overall look in this show . She looks a hell of a lot better then Theresa ' No quads ' Ivancik

Sean Mcmillan says:

These girls won't have a snowballs chance in hell going up against Helle , Margie, Irene , Monique, Iris or Nataliya

Health Tips says:

Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed watching it and hope to watch more soon!

gerard alarcon says:

Plot twist: these are men with wiggs on

Eric Mort says:

Green suit far right on viewer screen but far left on stage!

Female Muscle Fan says:

Amazing beautiful ladies

Kris Mcfrory says:

As much as I respect Theresa Ivancik and she's a beautiful woman, she isn't a 1st place competitor here with smaller legs that aren't close to being proportional or next to some of the other women with more developed thighs. Not a fair call by the IFBB judges, and probably sends other competitors into a tailspin as to what is a 1st place symmetrical physique in the judges perception.

Beti Ona says:

Too many girls for first call out IMO

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