Female Hulk Trains Her Buff Boyfriend | MIAMI MUSCLE

Female Hulk Trains Her Buff Boyfriend | MIAMI MUSCLE

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Not only has Brittany “Flex” Watts just qualified for the Superbowl of Bodybuilding, Mr Olympia, but she is also supporting her boyfriend, Julio, training for his first competition. Brittany, 31, from Miami has been an IFBB pro for years, and now her boyfriend and training partner is joining her. Brittany's proud of Julio, but she can't help but highlight the differences between female and male bodybuilding. Prizes in the women's competitions are around $50K but men get paid a whopping $750K. Not only that, but women have to shell out $4K for their makeup, tan, nails, hair and glitzy suits, whereas men only have to spend $300 on a tan and shorts. We join Brittany and Julio for an intense workout, and a posing lesson from Brittany.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Gerrit Messersmith
Producer: Charley Sutton
Editor: Sebastian Miller

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R20 says:

The greatest female bodybuilder is Carla Dunlap…she looked great strong, feminine and thick, she reached her physical peak, won Ms. Olympia and refused to destroy her own body and to masculinize it with drugs.. and she still looks great today and is in excellent health

R20 says:

I wouldn't have an issue with female bodybuilders or bodybuilders in general.. if they didn't take steroids or hgh…there look is unnatural and they
deceive people when they don't acknowledge or display there usage of drugs and doctor visits. They also dont talk about the long term side effects like cancer, and organ failure. Kidneys and liver.

AM Productions says:

I thought Julio would have a deeper voice

R C says:

Aww, they are cute together! ^_^

BharlestonBih says:

wait til she pregnant lol

I'm just here for the tea. says:

Nails? $200?

Shaniqua Bobbert says:

The bots said 😗❤️🌺😍🤪🙄😳

Fattie_Beautieee says:

I just love her. She seems soo sweet 💕💕


I love them together!! They have same goals and seem to have a good dynamic

Xtra Hakke says:

What’s her ig?

m s says:

Wearing a mask like a moron

Emeldkgeue Kdkdekekfc says:

ఆ ఆi love u girl

Rider Strong says:

This is one HELL of a DISCPLINE you taken on….

satellite pilot says:

They both look great, I'm impressed with their determination

J M says:

Yes, QUEEN 👑 You're both an inspiration!

Lasse says:

I wonder if he is bi? I can't imagine he is straight when his girlfriend looks like that

Alismar Pineda says:

I don't need anymore my work thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

Jack Dolah says:

Too much Steroid

ᴥElisha Mae Nochefrancaᴥ says:

How I look like in real life: weak,has acne, loser, skinny,small,short, stupid,unlikable and has no friends
How I imagined myself in the future:

Chasity says:

I think it's a healthy relationship. I love body building ☺️

Fhssg Usudgd says:

I need boy friend

C S says:

if i did this i would dare to do a low dose of steroids only once EVER. and only after i felt like i've peaked or hit a wall and i was really really struggling to improve. just for that extra push. but boy would i hold out on that shot for as long as i possibly could, trying anything else first. even waiting at least 2 full years. that would be my mindset.

Elena Parker says:

Hi everyone 🤗🤗🤗

Bridget Turner says:

You and your man look great you are beautiful your man very sexy great couple good luck in the future with power lifting luv you guys

RED redstar says:

Oh wow! That's a power couple right there.
Goodluck on the competition you two!
Bring home the gold!

sig says:

If this ain’t a literal power couple I don’t know what is.

Nicole M says:

Her man is very handsome.

Keekdkkfg Kddkdkmff says:

I need boy friend

고니랑이백이중프사고민하다200으로해버린썰 says:

존나 멋있어 언니♥♥♥

Childerico says:

They are roidfriends.

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