Female fitness motivation – STEPS

Female fitness motivation – STEPS

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Lynn Hodges says:

Dana has given me the confidence that I need that I realize that you never put limits on yourself Thankyou DLB

Tj Stafford says:

Don't cry, please. We can beat anything that comes our way…..

Phillip Crawford says:

These are the true feminists, the true champions of what it means to have unbeatable dreams and ambition. Take responsibility for your life cause it's the most liberating feeling you can get.

eddie caputo says:

tone looks good but not BUFF like a dude. I mean shit

Max Guevara says:

sinceramente…lo que mas me impresiono del video fue la cantidad de tuppers de comida preparados XDDD

joe yo no soy tan exagerada jajajjaja pero ha molao

Craig Newman says:

Great video!

Ink Electrik says:

AT F-ING LAST!! A female fitness motivational video that isn't all about some soft core porn star wannabes tits and arses! As a heterosexual female bodybuilder in my foundation year, this is the first F.F.M.video I have ever seen where the ladies for the majority of the video don't have their bits hanging out.  

I could never understand why these 'fitness' women would put all the hard work and effort into building their bodies, only to jiggle their fat bits (implants or natural) for the cameras! I DON"T WANT TO SEE THAT!!! How is that inspirational for any straight woman with an ounce of intelligence or common sense?!

As a subscriber to your channel, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can you make more F.F.M. videos like the inspiring videos you make about male BBs; for us women; who have higher standards and self respect and are working hard to achieve their muscle fitness goal.

محمود حسن says:

what's the name  of second song in 2:05 ?   ?  thanks 

mrEvokin says:

music in 2:05  ??  

Räuberische Erpressung § 255 StGB says:

First Song Music Name: Davide Anselmi – Overture

Räuberische Erpressung § 255 StGB says:

Whats the name of the first song?
Thank you

Joshua Kenyon says:

Dude you should use the Braveheart theme in a video

Andrés Rhenals says:

Thanks again, especially for add to the special and the only one: DLB. The speech at the beginning is really emotional T.T

FatherSaunders says:

Thanks for the vid.

However, again there is absolutely NOTHING motivating about watching people prepare and/or eat food!

hisho551 says:

This not female bodybuilding motivation video ….every body builder needs motivation should watch this video ..great job Jericho

MrPsykopunk says:

Great video,go's straight into my favorites! ! !

BullBlades says:

Nice one, making female motivationals without making it seem it's just about ass can be hard, but you're nailing it.

Brutale Banane says:

Fucking awesome Brooo  real !!<33

Invictus 97 says:

Masturbation Motivation

Cuchi Frito says:

Boner, boner..all Over!!

Cuchi Frito says:

Pump in my Penis!

Cina says:

these videos are like porn to me.

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