Female Fitness Models "Fat Loss Workout"

Female Fitness Models "Fat Loss Workout"

Heres a full body workout that will work your legs, butt, arms, shoulder,back,chest, abs,core… Everything. Its great to firm and tone your body and burn a bunch of calories.



Terra Odom says:

Qhat happend to ur arms someone tell me 😛

Rustygan says:

I thought I will forever be in this big
flabby cellulite attached in my thighs.
and was able to get rid of it. It used a series
of workouts that targeted the areas where my
cellulite were. And it can be done at home.

Bicho Bouchra says:

nice video and easy workout thank you

Donny Rocovits says:

How many reps would you recommend for a beginner?

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