Female bodybuilding: The Beginning

Female bodybuilding: The Beginning

I have decided to start videos on female bodybuilding, especially to the figures from the Bronze, Silver and Golden Era. My wife suggested it! Here is a short historical perspective of Strongwoman and female bodybuilders, and their contributions to the sport we love today. No, it does not mean I am a feminist or whatever, I simply respect the opposite sex enough to realise that they have had a large role in bodybuilding. Enjoy.



MsChicoro says:


Destroyer TV says:

Yes, more on the women please.

Gio Scott says:

Sex sells and the Wieders were businessmen first and foremost.

Robert Cronin says:

Cool video – I'd never considered women in the bronze and silver eras – I imagine that the female side of bodybuilding would have been a major threat to the fragile egg-shell male egos of that time and was probably suppressed to a certain extent- especially if they were lifting more than the men at any given time.

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NihilTimendumEst says:

Abbey Stockton has the ideal athletic physique for women.

Rosie Ran says:

I know rachel was not taking steroids but she was taking something to sweat before the olympia contest like you can see in pumping iron. Was it the ephedrine+caffeine stack?

Rosie Ran says:

Yeaaaaah thank you so much. Rachel McLish was my favorite.

Cameron Jeffery says:

Good morning sir! Love the content you are putting out there. Just purchased Clinton's Steve Reeves Journal on Kindle. Looking forward to reading it.

Dr Gainz says:

Did you purchased Reeves book?

ganirintiniano says:

Gracias buen aporte amigo

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