Female Bodybuilders in Dresses- Video Compilation

Female Bodybuilders in Dresses- Video Compilation

Pavla Brantalova is pictured in the thumbnail. Her WPW video is excellent and is one of the few that I have purchased. I recommend anyone who is interested to check it out. Here is a link to a short clip of it that is on YouTube.



Female Muscle Network says:

If you like these videos consider donating $5 via Patreon. These videos do take time to put together and YouTube will not monetize this channel. It would be greatly appreciated!


Joshua cepeda Chronicles says:

And aleesha young and the one s with the white dress with the white shoes a d the one with white dress a d shoes and the sexxxy black open back allthosecso so sexxxy bigg muscles and veins and the one in the kitchen showing her sexxxy bigg high huge legs and biceps and back and I love her hair and her sexxxy dress and everything all of them really really turn me on always iam so so ready 2 make love 2 all of these beautiful sexxxy hard women rock hard love them so so much the bigger the better always and 4 ever

Marcus McVay says:

Goooooddd dddaaaammmnnn. That’s what I’m talking about.

Stuart Feinman says:

wow its intimidating

fbb admirer says:

Gorgeous, bigger the better!

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