Female Bodybuilder Looks for Love | Strange Love



Ashton Nichols says:

man fuck I would not want to date her during sex she probably break my dick

Vittorio Taddias says:

Nice steroids

nerd gamer says:

Imagine if you cheat on her

sonam gole says:

I' like to be your love

EVE WARD says:

Date ur trainer

young savage says:

I would be scared to argued with her

Gunnar Gammons says:

She kind of looks like a guy

Gunnar Gammons says:

Thats the kind of women i want

Leo_rojas Leo says:

God she’s so ugly she’s so fit that se looks like a that’s trans gender

Mundy Kasproschi says:

I would date u because u can train me to be a bodybuilder

K-pop In your area says:

Ima be scared to shake her hand.

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