Rene Zacarias says:

How dare you leave the Hypevolt. It’s much quieter

Mustard Tiger_0 says:


Gaming And Amv says:

She farted xD

Deathly inlove says:

just watching this gives me back pain holy

Kickz4 Dayz says:

Am I The Only One That Inhales & Exhales, When He Tells The Patient to also lol?. 😂

Blanca Leonor Argueta says:

My husband because we both have back pain and i have HORRIBLE migraines

Kieran Lawson says:

I need to ask tho , for Joseph and all chiropractors- how is every treatment the same for every problem? That’s like going to the doctors for the flue and going to the doctors for kidney trouble but being treated the same?

Guido Cifelli says:

She got a serious squat game going on

Sway Visuals says:

At 3:32 I thought he was gonna smack her ass when he pointed to her legs😂😂

Andie Lauren says:

Maybe to get more followers you can link you Instagram in the description👍

Jaeger Ash says:

Did this randomly appear in anyone else's recommendations?

P.O.E says:

My name is Ethan Chaplain and I would bring my frend Connor because we bolth run track and I have some back issues and sholder and sometimes he hearts to

Yuno Gasai says:

Great vid. I've also been considering chiropractic care. My neck has been really stiff lately, and my knees are hurting when I'm walking more. Really weird in my opinion

Mia Gerrin says:

Bro the very first one scared me sm😂😂

Hampus Söderlund, Sankt Martins gymnasium, FS2 says:

Love ur videos man! They literally make me soo relaxed and I WISH I could come visit but I live in sweden:(

Roy Davis says:

Whats her @??

Júlia Lilla Baktay says:

She sounds just like Trisha Paytas.

Randy Reynoso says:

What's her name

CupcakeFrosting says:

I love watching your videos! I stumbled across them randomly about a month ago and have been watching nonstop. You really do some great work and I would love to experience it myself. I've had back pain for quite some time now and it's only gotten worse with my job and age. I'm only 28 but when it comes to bending over, standing too long or sitting too long, I'm in constant pain with my lower back. I also work with children so I'm constantly moving, bending over, picking them up and so on. I dream of a day when I can just move freely without pain or having to sit down for a minute! If I were to actually have the pleasure of having an adjustment done by you I know I would also bring my coworker. She's in the same position as I am but she also has sciatica which developed after becoming a mother of 4 boys. We both help each other out at work when the other is in pain. We're like a back pain tag team! Lol I know she would greatly benefit from a session even though neither of us have ever had it done before. Thank you for all these amazing videos and thank you to the patients who share their stories with us!! My Instagram handle is @becaisawesomelolz


Yashveer Audit says:

My neck after watching this : 'i don't feel so good mr.owner'

Alixxusa says:

why doesshe do the same readjustments for everyone? shouldnt each patient be case sensetive? thats why i feel like he might be somewhat of a fraud

Zoid berg says:

Anyone knows her instagram? 🙂

Richard Hille says:

are you sure shes not a powerlifter ? cus she doesnt look like a bodybuilder ^^'

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