Female Bodybuilder Colette Guimond – V502 Video Preview 2

Female Bodybuilder Colette Guimond – V502 Video Preview 2

The WPW staff had done their first photo and video work with Colette Guimond back in 1994 and 1995, and that footage is available on WPW video V245. But in 2002, the WPW staff caught up with Colette after seeing the huge amount of size and muscle mass she had packed on to her physique in that time period. Needless to say, Colette was very impressive when WPW first met her, but since that initial session, Colette went off and got even bigger, adding an unreal amount of muscle mass, with impressive shapes and hard definition, to the point the 5'1″ tall French-Canadian Bodybuilder weighed in at a huge 165 pounds for this session!

At the time of this session, Colette was in her early 40s and getting better and better with age with impressive stats that include her physique sporting 17″ biceps and 30″ thighs. Colette was impressive in the gym as well, showing off strength, doing bodyweight bench presses for reps, as well as filming her doing other impressive lifts.

After the gym-work, Colette shows off her pumped up physique, hitting the shots in a bikini and a dress outside, and then closing out the video with an interview.

Simply put, Colette Guimond is Massive Muscularity at its best!

V502 video running time is 75 minutes. To purchase this video, visit: http://www.wpwmuscle.com



ramsey robert says:

She has really butchered her face now, 2020 style. She was so cute when she started out too.

Anthony Johnson says:

She mine type of woman

Roger Allen Jr. says:

Sexy eyes and sexy muscular body

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