Female Bodybuilder – 2014 Toronto Pro



Emerald-Pumpkin says:

Trying to resist the urge to mastrubate.

MrOneofsix says:

These extraordinary women are amazingly sexy combining great beauty with incredible muscularity which i find unbelievably erotic.

Carmech Houseman says:


Raul Funez says:

and who the fuck are you a fucking godess or something.what are you doing. for you? for others?just criticizing.these girls are pros!! you ???are you??

Michael DeSilvio says:

They are all so beautiful.

RainbowSwirl says:

This is so disturbing!!!! 🤢

Gia A says:


arFly - says:

They are fucking disgusting ….

Dayga says:

These "women" are literally monsters. Creatures from the laboratory of a deranged chemist. Repulsive and warped by any nominal measure.


Damn they are hot i have a sick submissive fetish for these female bodybuilders

Female Bodybuilder Super Fan says:

Female bodybuilders are so cute, sexy and VERY FEMININE!

Darrell Kramer says:

Some are quite pretty. Unfortunately, in this clip, most are not so nice.

Pizza Gaming says:

What name on 79? she is awesome!

Jazmin Abrahamson says:

no those are boys disguised.

haxeig gamer says:

GAYSHIT hahaha

Robert Polanco says:

Oh, boy, I LOVE female bodybuilders. I would LOVE to date any one of them.

Alex Stewart says:

The person operating the camera sucks. why no leg shots??

Alfonso Rodriguez says:

The camera man (or girl) has a bad technique resulting in a distracting and annoying videos and is impossible to observe the bodies properly. The camera is too close all the time and does not get a full picture: just close upper body shots. A waste of time.

Sherri K. Robinson says:

Instead of exercising your ass off one third day for gym time trying to build lean muscle, utilizing a secret trick to improve the process and gain a remarkable amount of lean muscle per week.

Cool One says:

Seriously, is this what androgens can steroids do to a woman's face?

AnvilofCrom says:

When you look like a man with breasts and a fashion forward hairdo…..things have gone too far.

cris sanchez says:

women should not do men stuff wtf this is nasty am sorry but they work there ass off so they wanna look like men its there life but not cool

Δημήτρης Δικμάνης says:

Shockingly ugly

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