FEMALE BEAST ₋ Massive Muscle 👉🏻 Helen Davis

FEMALE BEAST ₋ Massive Muscle 👉🏻 Helen Davis

I'm Yasin Pehlivan , bodybuilding & fitness , the legend female bodybuilder Helen Davis amazing workout and motivation video – Fitness Club World

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Yasin Pehlivan says:

Boxing's Fails 😱🔥

juanfredy clambasvelasco says:

Q asko es una mujer con esteroides

osman muslihan says:

Kadına kas yakışmıyor midemi bulandırıyor

Джалил Будайчиев says:

Давайте лайки поставим пусть думают что я сказал что-то умное


Beast female workouts 💪

Pete Burrows says:

All that effort that fucks up all your internal organs, kills your fertility and prospects of having children as almost all men will never desire to be with such a self obsessive woman.

Living with her would be hell, you’d never see her as she would be down the gym most of the day and when she is at home she will be eating all the time and farting the worst farts ever because f all the protein she eats, then always preparing her food and then to make money doing cam sessions f]to pay for the mammoth food bill each week.

I’ve always said that life is about balance, go to far with anything and it’s self destructive and bodybuilding puts every part of your body through hell, they dehydrate their bodies to life threatening level just to look good on stage. This fucks up your liver and kidneys, they have oversize hearts which increase their chance of getting a heart attack double that of a normal human being.

Then there’s the constant mood swings as she can’t have her period, bouts of crying as she can’t get the shape she’s obsessed in getting, constant comparison with other bodybuilders, you can’t go out to a restaurant because she’s always down the gym, you can’t go out and have fun and eat out because she’s fanatical about her diet…. and that’s just the start!

Yvonce' says:

When are people going to understand steroids is a killer.
You look ridiculous.🤨

Darell Ramirez says:

Muy hermosas la chicas

William Brammer says:

I’ll get it right it’s Maury thia

William Brammer says:

That’s Muah thia. MMA

William Brammer says:

Jodie McCarthy is the BEAST and she is only 12yrs old look her up tiger mau too mma

Cao de Guerra SD231 says:


Viorel Buzdugan says:

👎👎👎👎👎👎👎that's a man

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