Dorian Yates: Women's Bodybuilding Is Not Appealing To The Vast Majority Of People | GI Vault

Dorian Yates: Women's Bodybuilding Is Not Appealing To The Vast Majority Of People | GI Vault

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Dorian Yates shares his opinion on Women's Bodybuilding and why it has declined over the years.

The Olympia 2020 will be significant for the Women's Bodybuilding division. It's the first time the Ms. Olympia competition will be present since 2014. But why did it disappear from the lineup in the first place? And why has it, until potentially recently, declined over the years? We pulled an unseen interview segment with Dorian Yates from the cutting room floor of Generation Iron 3 to view some of his insight into the matter. In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Dorian Yates believes that Women's Bodybuilding simply isn't appealing enough to majority of fans.

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AL Brundowski says:

isnt his wife a female bodybuilder too?

Troll Boy says:

When the clitoris slowly takes the form of the early stage of a penis, you know you've gone too far. FYI the penis all starts from the clitoris in the gestation period.

Steven Kingsley says:

The same could be said of men’s open bodybuilding. It is very niche these days, there aren’t a huge number of guys who find the massive bodybuilders to have an aspirational physique. I bet if you did conduct a general public poll, the vast majority would prefer to have Bumsteads physique to most open competitors. The men’s open generates more interest than the women’s for sure, but they have to be careful in how extreme a look they reward if the IFBB ever wants to have mainstream appeal

Event Horizon says:

I don't like looking at women who look like men. Simple.

Aleksandar Ivano says:

Yes, it is not appealing at all and lets stop pretending shows about looks are about anything else.
Basketball is not about looks, it's about skill, so no one cares if Kawhi Leonard is handsome, they care about if he does a godly play and win.
Women's basketball in contrast, is not interesting to watch, the same way pro women bodybuilding is not appealing to watch, since both don't offer what the audience is there to see.
If people were at least 1% more honest, the world would be a much better place…

1life To live says:

I respect the women's hard work but it just looks disgusting when a woman has muscles. Not feminine at all. What man wants to grab a striated booty!?

Maxim Lekov says:

i dunno, i guess when you try to make $$ from a discipline that require the participants to be freaky from a physical standpoint, then you have an uphill battle. now try it with females, where the vast majority of people think big muscles on women is off putting, then ur literally pushing a wheelbarrow full of shit, up a hill.

King King says:

When womens don't look like womens.bikini is the perfect choice

Ricky T says:

The equivalent to men’s body building isn’t female body building, it’s Miss Universe.

Dav Id says:

I love women bodybuilders. The bigger the better for me. But with that being said…that’s what I find attractive. The majority of people don’t want to see it. I hate that some women complain that they don’t get the same amount of money when they don’t bring in any. On the other side of it though, modeling and porn, the women make way more than men.

maxkm5st1 says:

I don't like women's bodybuilding because plastic surgery is required

UTubeCorruptAntiFreeSpeechLiberalCo says:

People dont care about any women's sports.

Angel of Wrath says:

Female bodybuilding is gross 😝.

Omar Sadiq says:

Gotta respect when people like Dorian speak the truth in this PC world. This took blood and guts …. and balls!

Renee lewberg says:

This is one of the stupidest videos ive ever seen. Thanks

Joseph porkus says:

Vast majority of people don't care about male bodybuilders except other fluff and pumpers lol …

Young Kwak says:

Make womens physique all about ass and tits

Kenny Dang says:

Women fitness and bikini is fine but women bodybuilding like the Ms. Olympia is jot applealing

Mrdealx says:

Bikini is where it’s at.

aspi rine says:

They still work hard, but to me they look like men with wigs..

Gambarizing says:

More like bodybuilding in general is not appealing to the vast majority of people.

Quest For Shreds says:

Yup!!! I could give 2 F about it.

Crazy how some claim they should be paid the same 😂, poor guys bring 98% of the views and now have pay up for being men as always.

Dkdndnekxjc Yxjdjdnfn says:

Dorian is based af

Mario Duron says:

Women's Bodybuilding is not too extreme. Maybe too many P.E.D.'s makes a girly man. Girly men can't appreciate the art of the female body. The Female's muscle is actually more asthetic than the man's.

Mario Duron says:

When I got in the wrong car and went to the future, one thing I realized was there was only Women's Bodybuilding.

Sweater Puppers says:

This Dorian Guy seems kind of knowledgeable about body building.

Jose_s2k says:

The women Olympia is coming back this year!!!!

rico suave says:

What's the argument here? NBA, WNBA. One is a sport, one is a joke. I love sports, I love jokes. Room for all.

Armon Adibi says:

Women’s bb it’s ruins face turns into a man face with facial hair. No place it anywhere. Usually only fetish guys are into it other than no one wants to see.

Foxy Wilma says:

I just like it how a bunch of guys get on here and talk about how they don't like women's bodybuilding by using they look men comparison! Question what type of men are you talking about the average guy, the athletic guy, or a male bodybuilder? Our society has set up that each gender looks a specific way but when someone doesn't fit into that stereotypical look mainstream people get uncomfortable. I always say that if it's not your thing then fine but don't go out of your way to brash a female because she likes that look. You have no idea the type of discipline it takes to achieve that look. Bodybuilding is a all day sport not just lifting weights. At the end of the day I could care less what mainstream people's opinions are about bodybuilding.

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