Does the Ab Circle Pro Really Work? Jennifer Nicole Lee Shows You!

Does the Ab Circle Pro Really Work? Jennifer Nicole Lee Shows You!

http://abcircleprooffer.information – The Ab Circle professional has actually gotten me in form.
Each time I get compliments on my new physique, I credit score the Ab Circle professional and advocate everybody to purchase one.
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Permiphia Snow says:

Is this soft pornπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Amber Torres says:

If you're really trying to show us how the Machine Works we're not interested in watching some want to be porn we get it you have a nice body but there's people actually trying to work out

Chris Nobles says:

Lol yea right. What kinda potatoe was this filmed with? This machine is shit btw. Don't waste your money.

Cletus Van Damm says:

I would ride her sexy ass all day long!

Alisha Nicole says:

The procrastination didn't help me decide on if this thing is worth buying or not.

Artsyshroom says:

this girl has no ass…

Chris DaGawd says:

I dont care if it works…but ill watch her use that machine from behind all day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

April17th says:

thinks she's so all that… pathetic

Celeste Pater says:

She makes it look dirty

maria de lourdes Mireles says:


jossie marin says:

Pornografia es lo que TIENEN ustedes hay

Sandra Chavez says:

I wanted to watch a workout not porn

Faith Hardy says:

To build six pack abs or flat abs, it is not only how difficult the exercises you take, it is also about the food you eat. And science research has show that you can improve the way to get your 6 pack abs (or flat stomach) 2x – 4x quicker by adjust just a bit the food you consume

Poo Bear says:

She looks so hot and fresh until you hear that deep voice… yeesh. Β 

Debunker Debunkers says:

I wish iwas the red platform…

Aimee Curry says:

is she making a porno?

jen hunter says:

oh please !!!!

slyme1711 says:

I shed a kilo watching this and as well as loosing a few wrinkles and hardenning a muscle or two. Thanks very much for the demo. Very motivating.

Fitness Gear Accessories says:

Best ab workout for the little amount of time for sure! nice quality! Assembly was not too hard and works great!

here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to15wC2jL

Kartik Singh says:

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Sabrina says:

Lolz this is porn

Serina Halliwell says:

it be funny if she swings of the balcony πŸ˜›

Ferd Vega says:

This is a shitty porn video

buggyleeanw25 says:

She has a ROCKING body!!!! She turns me on when she works out!!

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