DANA LINN BAILEY – Female bodybuilding motivation

DANA LINN BAILEY – Female bodybuilding motivation

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Peacemaker says:

I love the "I'm not a do nothing bitch" speech. Even as a guy I like to be around women who are empowered. So many past girlfriends were 'do nothing bitches' and dating them was depressing & boring AF!

RowdyRaginRosco - says:

She looks fantastic

matthew grant says:

Future wife

Autumn Dove says:

Inspirational for life . Love you Dana , queen of weights

The Modern Gem says:

Oh my word all the males in here crying about steroids 🤦🏻‍♀️ watch out your insecurities are showing!

The Modern Gem says:

So much inspiration, her strength, her determination, yes girl 🙌🏻 literally come back to this video when I want to miss a day!

Fabian Garcia says:

Mi inspiración…

Kenny L. Cline says:

You go girl!!!! You show them what you got, then give them more. Need to be more girls like you.

Gloria Mandala says:

To bravo1…. Whats the matter feeling a little inadequate 😎

Fazeel Mahmood says:

Dana is love

xJacob. says:

She has bigger arms than me

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