Cindy Landolt – Swiss Female Bodybuilder

Cindy Landolt – Swiss Female Bodybuilder

Cindy Landolt was born on January 11, 1985, in Wetzikon, Switzerland. She is Swiss by nationality and holds Caucasian ethnicity. Her birth sign is Capricorn. From her early age, she took part in numerous sports that include swimming, skiing, snowboarding, and hiking



Karl Smith says:

You know you are sexy when old guys in wheelchairs stare really hard. This lady's body is as solid as a rock. Perfect.

CHRIS 1988 says:

Swiss female Steroid builder

richard sager says:


Kevin Richter says:

Fake boobs are nice to look at but not very fun to play with.

adam woodfin says:

Breasts are definitely not real.

sphdgs says:

She is just perfection!

luis carlos de oliveira santos says:

Top the top sexy wonderful is beautiful world fitness 2018

Jose Diaz says:

Cindy awesome work out

Tim Hunt says:


French Bulldog 1 says:

She can only float in a swimming pool . Her plastic boobs won't let her go underwater . LOL

Kc Breeze says:

Oh my gosh I SO love this woman's muscles and she is so strong! I'm in love. lol

Travis Gleeson says:

You are Beautiful, Cindy x x x

cool fur u says:

Absolutely perfect in every way!!! Marry me, Cinderella AND I will give you the entire fairy tale!!!😘

Ashley Burks says:

Her fucking implants are bigger than her.

Stuart Morris says:


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