Black Fitness models | CRYSTAL JEAN – Guam Fit !!

Black Fitness models | CRYSTAL JEAN – Guam Fit !!

Black Female Fitness Motivation

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Southpaw McGraw says:

Guam? She on Guam?

Typical Buttons says:

One per item. Woman of color, face, and body. Scarf em'. 😉 At least for a minute.😂

Shawn Robinson says:

Her shape looks so weird and funny

Monet Clarke says:


revo says:

Fake, fake and fake… NEXT

1 Smooth QTPie says:

Yall need Brittne Babe on here. Real fittness trainer 100% natural. Check her out, you wont be disappointed

Denia wiseone says:

Dont like clickbait…The first girl is a white woman smh

slim jim says:

Is the your personal machine if so what is the name of it. Its beautiful

Rosy&Charly GonzalezCardenas says:


nightslayer 508 says:

Great body 😊

nightslayer 508 says:

Wow very nice video I like your videos 👍

velvetmunroe 88 says:

I sure hope men still remember there are natural big booties …Because I'm tired of being asked if I had Brazilian butt lift. I'm actually trying lose weight hoping my butt decreases because this big booty trend is annoying now.

Schweinsteiger says:


Mohssine Benjaloune says:

واووووو wawwwwwww

Muhammadou Konateh says:

muhammadou konateh

Jennings Buzard says:

A giant ugly ass.

Ray Vidal says:

Why the photoshop in the thumbnail?

Linda Elisabeth Roman says:

genia te felicito saludos desde Argentina

Gktigu Guffc says:

Fuck the exercise give me your dr information period

Debbie Harriman says:

A lot of men haters
She's fit and beautiful.

Gabrielle Shamar says:

Yeah that look fake but she still going in,in the gym tho.

Antonia williams says:

Damn she goes hard

Saint Sinner says:

What the fuck is going on with those asses? How on earth is that pretty? Looks like a fireant butt,crazy

yolly yolly says:

Well I thought all pointy butt is fake, but my cousin wife has a big round pointy butt and it's real, JLo has no butt next to her

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